How to add the application to the trusted list in Avast

Avast is an antivirus program; users can get it from the web. It provides a various advanced device and network security programs. Users can set the security level for their device where they can filter the programs and sites easily. It scans your whole device and deletes all the dangerous viruses. 

Adding an application to the trusted list in Avast

Whenever you click on an application; Avast antivirus starts scanning it. The scanning process may take time. The program won’t open until the antivirus completes the scanning. If the antivirus wants to access the program quickly then he can add it to the trusted list. Whenever you add a program to a trusted list; your Avast antivirus won’t scan it automatically which helps in accessing the program quickly. You can also add the programs which are showing false-positive results. Some programs are safe but seem suspicious. Whenever you scan those programs; Avast antivirus blocks those programs and the user can’t access them. When you are sure that the program is safe to access, add it to the trusted list.

  1. Open the dashboard of Avast antivirus
  2. Tap on the Menu button and hit the Settings option
  3. Go to General and tap on Exceptions
  4. Select Add Exception and you can add your file or program
  5. Tap on Browse and choose the program

Tap on the OK button and now the program has been added to the trusted list. When a user clicks on the program; Avast won’t scan it and the program will start immediately.

Adding a website on advanced exception list in Avast

While browsing, users access numerous sites. When you click on the website, Avast scans it before loading. Your website only loads when it is safe to access. But when you want to use a website that is getting blocked by Avast then add an advanced exception.

  1. Open Avast dashboard and tap on Menu
  2. Hit the Settings option and tap on General
  3. Select Exceptions and choose to Add advanced exception option
  4. Choose the type of exception button
  5. Hit on the Website/Domain button
  6. Enter the URL 
  7. Hit on the Submit button

After adding the website to the exception, users can access the site immediately.

Unable to add the program to the list in Avast

If the user is unable to add the file on a trusted list then your Avast will scan the program every time you click on it. Few methods can help to fix the error.

Restart your computer

After adding the program to the trusted list, if Avast is still scanning it then restart the system. Some system and application program files can’t detect the changes on the device until you restart the device. You should close the Avast dashboard and all other programs. Restart the computer and now click on the program. Check whether your program has been added to the trusted list or not.

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Update your Avast antivirus

When the setup is outdated then many functions will show errors and the Avast pop ups won’t stop. For the proper functioning of your antivirus, users must update the Avast setup regularly. Open the Apps folder and click on Avast. Select the Update button and wait. Now restart the system and tap on the program on access.

Scan the computer with Avast antivirus

Avast provides a real-time scanning feature that scans every file or program whenever you open it. But users must run the full system scan on the device regularly. This scanning process provides deep cleaning of the device. If the program is showing an error due to some malware then scanning the device will fix it. After a full scan, reopen your Avast antivirus and try to add the program to the trusted list. Now close Avast and click on the software you want to access on the device.

Clean the system junk

When the system is interrupting while making the changes on the device then check for system junk. These files eat your space and also interrupt when users make changes to the system. If the program or website is not adding to the list then check for temp files. Delete those files and then run Windows junk cleaner. Open the cmd prompt and run cleanmgr. Now restart the system and retry to add the program on Avast’s trusted list.