How to Choose a Skateboard for Your Child

Skateboard for Child

I wanted to buy a skateboard for my son a while ago. I thought it was a child-sized skateboard or an ordinary skateboard. No need to buy a custom. The old skateboard was fine. All he had to do was replace the wheels and bearings and he was fine.

If you don’t know skateboarding, don’t try to assemble it yourself. The complete setup is suitable for children. You won’t make the mistake of buying the wrong material.

The track should match the width of the deck and the wheels should be mounted on the track with sufficient clearance to prevent the wheels from touching the skateboard during steering. Be sure to purchase a skateboard for kids with replaceable parts.

My kid and I went skateboarding on a regular basis and tried some boards to see what they did.

Child-sized skateboards are not always necessary

It’s okay if your child can spread his legs and touch the bolts on the front and back of the skateboard. Children under the age of 5 can have difficulty reaching the bolt with little tearing. I’m not sure if you really need a kid-sized skateboard, but it helps. There are many small children on adult-sized skateboards, but they are fine.

The advantage of a child-sized skateboard is that it provides more space when pushing the board. Larger decks require a baby to move their feet slightly from the outside.

If you press it, it may hit the side of the deck. It would be beneficial if they started learning to run children’s skateboards. The more responsive the board, the easier it is to understand how to manage it.

On larger and larger boards, children supplement by bending their knees further and keeping their center of gravity low. I think it’s a marketing issue, but that’s my personal opinion.

What is the appropriate age for a child to start skateboarding?

Children under the age of 5 should not normally be called skateboarding. Make sure you are taking care of your baby and stay nearby. I’m not the only one. Professional doctors actually recommend not giving skateboards to children under the age of five.

However, with a few exceptions, we often see these talented kids doing insane tricks.

Many skateboarders disagree with me, but it’s safer than regret. Also, there is no harm in waiting for a year. You can also consider getting your own skateboard and enjoying skating with your kids.

It’s a fun activity to do with your child and I always explode with my son. It may help me to skateboard for a while, but many start skating at the age of 30. If you’re thinking of owning a skateboard and are brand new, get a cruiser board.

The cruiser board provides stability and a smooth ride with large soft wheels and a large deck surface. This will help you teach your child skateboarding as you will have some experience on your own. So come mom and dad, you’re not old enough to learn skateboarding!

We do not recommend skateboarding at the age of three.

The muscles are not yet developed, especially the neck muscles. If you want to get one, make sure you are always with your child.

It’s hard to find something of such a small size but wear protective gear. Still, it’s best to wait a year or two until you’re five. Their legs are so short that you need to buy a small skateboard and after a year or two, you need to buy another skateboard.

4 years old is still a little young for skateboarding

I’m still a little young, but I can think of getting a skateboard when I’m four. Get the smallest junior size protection set and buy a helmet. If you have a bike helmet, you can use it as well. At this age, they can run adult-sized or child-sized skateboards.

If you can put your feet on the bolts on the board, you can stand a normal size board. If not, you will opt for a shorter one, which really depends on the height of your child.

Looking at YouTube, there are many 4-year-old kids skateboarding. Often, they are directed by really talented professional skaters, not really average kids.

Suitable age for 5 kids to start skateboarding

Five-year-olds have a higher level of athletic performance and their muscles are strong enough. You should still be around them all the time and wear their protective gear. You can choose a smaller size skateboard as long as the width is between 7.5 inches and 8.0.

Don’t worry about the length. It does not matter. My kid started with a 08.0 board, but last summer I got him a small board with soft wheels.