How to Create an Enviable White Kitchen Without Breaking the Bank?

If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen or decorate the new one, white might be the right color. White is eternal; white is passion. White is the newest ‘kitchen color’. Many homeowners prefer white for their kitchen.

There will always be a trending kitchen color and you won’t want to stick to the last year’s trendy color. But as it comes to white, the scenario is different. It is a safe shade that goes with any kind of design, any accessories, and any color combination. It stands the test of time because it is always pure fresh and clean.

Tips for a white kitchen

So, if you’re interested in a white kitchen, you should keep a few things in mind. Let’s have a quick look at some of them.

  • Be creative – White is not the same as bland. An all-white kitchen may make you think of an unoriginal place. However, a white space offers numerous decorating options that you won’t find with other colors. Be creative – add props of your favorite colors. Use decorative accessories in any design and color so space doesn’t look dull. A white kitchen doesn’t need to keep every item white. Rather, touches of some interesting colors make the sharp white features stand out.
  • Choose white cabinets – White kitchens can be traditional, contemporary, and everything in between. If you’re looking for a French country look, use fancy wood to embellish the kitchen. Curved cabinets can also help you with your choice. Why don’t you get vintage white cabinets? They add a touch of legacy and tradition to the cooking room. You may also opt for glossy white kitchens without any frills but with straight borders. If you walk into 3 white kitchens, none of them will feel the same. Flooring type, floor color, décor, cabinet handles, and other accessories add a different look to the white kitchens.
  • White makes things bigger – You surely know the reasons for tucking the white pants away as you gain weight and switching to the black ones. Wearing white makes you look bigger. It creates an illusion of bigness. Well, this applies to kitchens as well. White cabinets create an illusion of fullness inside the kitchen. White makes your kitchen feel bigger. But that doesn’t mean that you can clutter it up. Don’t forget that the actual size will remain the same.
  • Choose the right hardware – As it comes to kitchen renovation, hardware plays an important role. With white shaker kitchen cabinets, you need to choose the hardware carefully. Some designs of handles and knobs can alter the entire décor of the kitchen. Bold metallic knobs, for example, appear masculine. On the other hand, crystal knobs give a feminine feel to the kitchen décor.
  • Contrast is good – An all-white kitchen is always appealing and soothing to the eyes. But it can be a bit intimidating too. Thus, to create a comforting kitchen, add some colors, some contrasts. You may add the contrast by choosing rich wooden flooring or grey granite worktops. You may also use black for lighting fixtures.

A white kitchen is always enticing. But to make it comforting and appealing, decorations should be done properly.