How To Determine the Water Level in A Bong for The Best Hit?

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There’s a greater chance you’ve bought a trusty new bong if you’re reading this article. However, you have one challenge. You don’t know how to determine the water level in the bong for the best hit. Buying your first bong is probably an exciting time in your life. They’re an absolute smoking preference worldwide and have been for a long time.

Throughout history, people have used bongs. Even though there’s nothing new, the modern bongs can prove complex and can leave the user confused and guessing how to use them effectively and how much water to put in a bong. One of their significant pressings might relate to the water itself. Here’s what you’ll learn in this article:

  • The importance of bong water
  • The steps involved in filling a bong with water
  • The amount of water to use
  • The importance of the water level
  • Whether to consider using an alternative to water

Read on to find out the answers. 

What is the importance of bong water?

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The bong’s water acts as a filter and a percolator. It is the cooling of smoke as it goes from your mouth and ending up in your lungs. It provides a great hit and filters harmful substances of smoking, thus making it more enjoyable. Because they’re smoother, you can take a bigger hit without coughing much. Be sure to keep your water and bong clean, and you’ll ensure yourself a smoother experience.

When you pass bong’s water through smoke, it creates heat from lighting the bowl and stays with it as well. Since it will be more incredible, the smoke will not feel harsh in your lungs. Whenever the bong water bubbles, it will help to break up and remove particles from smoke. Your hits will have a fantastic taste, which most people want more from a bong.

How do you determine the water level for your bong?

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Bongs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Determining the water level of your bong varies and depends on the size and design of your bong. This answer might mean there’s no correct answer. It would be best if bongs had enough water that properly filters and cools the inhaled smoke. You want to ensure that you completely submerge the bong’s downstem in water. 

A complete submersion ensures that the smoke filters through the water before inhalation. Ensure your water pipe downstem is about half an inch under the water. If you prefer to add more water, please do so, but make sure no water ends up in your mouth when you inhale. 

What step do you take to fill up a bong with water?

The steps to take to fill up a bong with water depending on the shape of your bong. It’ll determine how you fill up your bong with water. Here are the steps to take to fill up your bong correctly with water.

Step 1

Use the mouthpiece to pour water – if your bong has a stem, you can do this as well.

Step 2

Test the drag by using the mouthpiece, lighting nothing.

Step 3

Confirm to see if you can hear the water bubble. You should notice this pretty quickly.

Step 4

Make sure you fully submerge the downstem of the bong if it does not bubble.

Step 5

Taking a drag or even touching it can cause water to come up to your mouth. You may need to pour some out. 

Step 6

It will take some testing until you get the right amount of water. You can then measure and mark the water level and use it each time you fill your bong.

Why is the water level of the bong significant?

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The water level of your bong is vital because it can make a significant difference in your smoke’s quality. As mentioned above, a perfect water level ensures you enjoy fantastic and filtered smoke and effortlessly pull the smoke through the water. 

Too much water in your bong means your lungs will have to work harder when pulling the smoke through. There’s also the risk of getting the water into your mouth. A shortage of water will prevent your bong from entirely using its filtration and percolation systems.

Are there any alternatives to water?

There are alternatives to water you can incorporate in your bong. Some of them will enhance the flavor of your smoke, while others will cool it. There are even some that can make your hits feel different. They include:

  • Wine
  • Soda
  • Cranberry juice
  • Gatorade

What is the recommended frequency of replacing bong water?

People have a particular preference for maintaining their bongs. If you want your bong to be clean, clean it out more often. 

Because of the resin buildup and the water itself incorporating these flavors, the flavor of the water will fade. After every session, we recommend you empty the bong to avoid any buildup.


If you’re looking to determine the water level in a bong for the best hits, the above tips and steps will come in handy. They’ll ensure you have a smoother and more tremendous impact as per your preference.