How to Educate Your Children About Responsibility?

While all parents love their children dearly, it makes no sense to only pamper and spoil them. They may be studying at the leading international school in Malaysia and be receiving the best education that money can buy, but unless you teach them about responsibility, they won’t amount to much. It is not enough to be taught leading international curricula, typical of IGCSE schools like the Global Indian International School- you have to instill a sense of commitment to a cause in them.

Let us look at how students studying at leading international schools in Malaysia and premier IGCSE schools can learn to be responsible individuals.

Learning to accord priority to tasks

Children going to school need to know the importance of according due importance to tasks. For instance, they ought to know that finishing homework ought to be accorded its due importance and not neglected and postponed on account of something they more enjoy doing. They need to be taught the importance of postponing instant gratification. 

Understanding that honesty and integrity pays

It is very easy for children to pick up bad habits like lying or cheating in tests from others. They have to be made to understand that there are consequences for that kind of behavior. They have to understand that the world looks for, appreciates and rewards honesty and integrity over morally reprehensible behavior. 

Encourage them to work according to a structure and schedule

Children are a bundle of energy that needs to be harnessed for the right kind of tasks. This can happen by getting them to follow a disciplined regime and schedule. This helps them work according to a plan and with a sense of purpose. That is something that will stand them in very good stead in their life ahead. All the knowledge and intelligence in the world will come to nought in the absence of the ironclad discipline required to harness it.

Show by practical example

Young children are individuals in their own right and will not get convinced about anything unless they practically experience it themselves. You could, for instance, remind them of an instance where they fared poorly in a test due to lack of preparation, but managed to do well in the next one, on account of studying harder for it. Let them know how the former is an example of poor discipline and the latter that of good discipline and how the latter positively impacts outcomes.

Motivate with Praise

If your child shows signs of discipline in anything let them know that you have noticed that and appreciate them for that. This will encourage and motivate children to make discipline a part of the way that they conduct themselves. The outcome of doing that will be profoundly beneficial in their lives.

Take them out camping in the outdoors

There can’t be a better way of teaching your little ones responsibility than by taking them out camping. Show them how you can make a comfortable living space even in wilderness and make all the necessary arrangements for eating with minimal resources.

Tell them to make their own bed

If children are taught to make their own bed every morning from a very early age, they will likely grow up to be very organized and responsible people. This seems to be a simple thing to do but has a huge impact in making one responsible for one’s own welfare.