How to Identify Best CBSE Schools in Noida and Apply for Admission?

If you are looking for an institution that offers a well-researched syllabus and meets the international trend of education, then a CBSE Schools in Noida is the one you should choose. 

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is one of the most flexible boards preferred by parents. Over time many educational institutions across India have adopted the CBSE board. 

From providing quality education to imparting knowledge, these CBSE schools have gained a remarkable reputation for excellence over time.

Since students now choose to travel across the globe for higher studies, they prefer the CBSE board for their primary and secondary education. Some of the best CBSE schools in Noida prepare their students for a successful academic future by preparing them for NIIT, AIIMS, IIT, etc. 

In the last few years, it has been noticed that the number of students choosing admission in CBSE schools has increased. Parents are happy with the way the schools operate and the curriculum offered to the students. If you are looking for a good CBSE school near you, this blog will help you identify the best schools in Noida and ways to apply for admission.

Easy Ways to Identify Best CBSE Schools in Noida

Look for affiliations 

To identify a CBSE school, parents must look for the affiliation number with the school directly or through the school website. There are many claims made by other non-CBSE schools proving to be CBSE schools and getting admission on a false pretext. To avoid such situations, the education Department has assigned affiliation numbers for all CBSE schools to help identify them better. 

Evaluation process

Another easy way to find if the school is CBSE board is to find out the evaluation process of the schools. All CBSE schools assess their students based on the guidelines of Continuous and Cumulative Evaluation. Students are evaluated based on their learning and their behavior. Students are assessed throughout the academic year; it is better known as the formative and summative assessments at the end of the academic term. 

Multidisciplinary learning

At the CBSE schools, students are taught to apply their principles and values in their learning. The vast and advanced NCERT syllabus helps them learn various topics, exposing them to the vast ocean of knowledge. To get a proper multidisciplinary education, students must have the right resources, and hence these schools provide good infrastructure. All best schools in Noida are well equipped with modern infrastructure like advanced Science, Computer Labs, Music classes, Art classes, etc. 

Admission Application Process in CBSE Schools in Noida

Step 1:

find the school’s website and get connected with them. Once you contact the school, the team will guide you and provide all the information you need about the school. After the brief introduction, you will be asked to fill in a few details that will help the school understand you and your child better. Details like your name, contact number, Email Id, class in which you are seeking admission will be the essential details that will be asked. 

Step 2:

Once you have provided the basic information, you can then choose to take a virtual tour or attend virtual counseling of the school. You will be offered a sneak peek into the school’s campus, thereby enlightening you on the various amenities, classrooms, and learning environment that the school has to offer your child. It is a well-organized virtual tour or virtual counseling provided by the school’s professionals to guide and assist you. 

Step 3:

Step 3 is most crucial as parents have to submit the admission forms. The school offers either submitting the admission form on the school website or personally handing over the application form to the school’s office. Either way, the parents should read all the terms and conditions and the CBSE school guidelines carefully. Parents must ensure all required documents are submitted along with the admission form to avoid any delay in the admission process.

Step 4:

It is the payment process. After a brief counseling or virtual tour of the school campus and submitting the admission form, it is time to pay the admission fees. Parents can get full access to the payment details and fee structure on the fee details of the website. If parents need clarification, it is better to speak to the concerned authority about the fee structure and get the details cleared.