How to Improve Instagram Marketing Strategies

Your all business strategies are useless if you don’t have an active social media account. No social media business marketing is complete without Instagram. IG has become the top social platform for brands and advertisers. It has over 1.6 billion active users, and about 90% of people follow at least one brand of their interest. 

Did you know? About 70% of Instagram hashtags are branded. What does this mean? It tells you that if you’re not active on Instagram, your competitors are. Just having an Instagram profile does not mean you can now make sales. If you’re e looking to make sales, you have to come with a viable strategy.  

How to improve Instagram Marketing Strategies

Are you new to Instagram? Are you looking to promote your brand? Don’t worry; this post will steer you in the right direction. Here I’m going to discuss some tips that can help you in improving your Instagram marketing strategies. Let’s proceed to take a quick look at them one by one. 

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Increase your Followers and Following

This is the first step you need to take if you’re interested in your brand promotion. Without any followers, it’s challenging to get your post seen, so it’s hard to generate sales. As mentioned before, about 90% of users follow at least one brand. Once you make your entry, you will get some followers without doing anything. 

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If you already have some existing customers, tell them about your profile, and request them to follow you. Email marketing is another excellent way of gaining followers. Start by sending a text to your email subscribers and tell them about your Instagram profile. But make sure you give them a reason to follow you. 

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For example, you send invitations to your email subscribers few times each month. Let them know that they will find them on your Instagram profile if they want more discounts or coupons. After taking these steps, start following other people. But make sure they’re fit within your target audience. 

Optimize your Profile

Do you know what does means to optimize your profile? Instagram puts a lot of restrictions when it comes to clickable links. So, the platform allows us to have only a single link that we can add only in the bio section.

But a single link is not enough for your brand. You should connect your Instagram audience with other social accounts and web pages. That’s why it’s highly recommended to use the Instagram link in bio tools that provide a unique link so you can host multiple links. 

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There you will find many bio tools. But one that is considered one of the best is LinkBook. It allows users to create a free landing page to host all their content on one page. It’s 100% free for individuals. However, it’s also available in the pro version. You will enjoy the following features in the free version;

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  • Custom domains
  • Email integrations with Mailchimp
  • Facebook pixel and Google analytics
  • Social embedding
  • Media embedding
  • UTM parameters and many more. 

Post Content Regularly

Brand awareness is not easy. It requires you to be consistent in your strategies. If you’re posting a picture or video once in a whole month, it’s not an effective marketing strategy. It wouldn’t even show an active profile. You should make your brand always fresh in the minds of your followers.

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I never recommend you posting much more than once per day. What if you have a lot of content? Well, you can share it through your Instagram story. Moreover, you need to plan the timing of your posts. It’s because most users don’t use Instagram every time; they are active at particular times. 

Posting regularly will increase your brand exposure on search engines. So, there are more chances your brand will get rank soon. 

Don’t be Salesy

I know you want to drive sales from Instagram to your brand website. Of course, it’s your right, and you should expect sales. However, it doesn’t mean everything you post should be a brand or product promotion. If you continuously do product promotion, your followers can get annoyed. Maybe they will unfollow you. 

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So, don’t be Selsey. Post the picture of your employees, be funny, post engaging content relevant to your audience’s interests. Mix your content, and post the content that should be less promoting your brand. 

Hire Social Influencer

If you’re looking to hit the big targets, spending a few dollars is not a big deal. Using social influencers for your brand or product promotion is an incredibly efficient way of Instagram marketing. About 94% of brand owners use social influencers. This is a very cost-effective marketing strategy. 

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Instagram is growing day by day; soon, it would be in the first position. If you want to stand your brand out from the crowd, follow the tips or tactics I mentioned above.