How to Optimize Online Learning Space at Home?

Providing the best learning opportunities to their children is very important for each parent. However, there are certain crucial things that parents must be thoughtful about. One of those things is ensuring sound and optimized online learning space at home, as we have seen a significant rise in online tuition in the UK worldwide. Optimizing the child’s learning space is as important as hiring an experienced tutor. Therefore, this blog aims to let parents understand the significance of sound learning space and optimize the setup for better distance learning. 

This is an era of revolution, and the education sector has improved a lot in recent years. We understand that parents desire their children to participate in live classes actively. It is possible only when you provide them with quality study space for online learning. However, I have narrowed down a few tips that will help you set up a learning space at home. With a proper learning environment, your child will be able to study with more energy and focus. Moreover, you will see a significant improvement in their homework and participation in online classes. 

Why is it important to optimize the online learning setup at home?

We usually hear the phrase ”no place like home”. It is true in almost all cases. However, you should do a few things to ensure the child receives quality and distraction-free education online when it comes to learning. 

The recent pandemic has made parents trust online learning. Moreover, this distance learning comes with a range of features that make learning more exciting for children. Therefore, you must ensure they have a proper learning space at home to take their live classes. Also, it shows how much parents are paying attention to their child’s learning. 

Top 9 Tips To Optimize the Online Learning Space at Home!

Providing a virtual classroom setup at home for students is very crucial. However, inexperienced parents might struggle in setting up a learning space at home. Following are some top tips that will work for you. 

Prefer the Best Location

Choose that area of the home where your child can learn efficiently. Ask the child about their preferences. Some prefer silence. Therefore, you can set up a spare room where they have silence. If some children like background noise in the classroom, choose a location accordingly. In that case, the area near the kitchen could be an option. 

We know there are many locations available in the home. So, please have your child try all these locations and choose what works best for them. It will ensure the perfect learning space for the child at home. A child’s learning will improve when provided with their comfort space for taking their live tutoring classes. 

Remove Distractions

Distractions can badly affect the child’s learning undoubtedly. Therefore, you must ensure no distractions near the learning space and when a child takes online classes. So, ask the child to turn off the TV and not use phones or social media applications. We know some children use social apps or games to the level of addiction. However, this is your responsibility to ensure they stay away from their phones and TV during the time of learning. You can research how to keep the child focused on learning. So, you will find many online helpful related resources. 

Moreover, you can test instrumental music to break the silence or minimize the other disturbing sounds. For some parents, this might be helpful, but others do not like this and want complete silence around. 

Do Not Make it Too Comfortable for the Child

Some parents make it too comfortable for the child to take live classes and learn online. However, this is not recommended by experts. They say that a learning space should not be too comfortable. However, you should provide your child with a comfortable chair to easily sit in during long classes. 

Also, you need to make sure the study desk can easily accommodate the helping materials, including books, laptops and other supplies. 

Moreover, parents should not let the child learn from their beds. Some children feel sleepy during the classes because they are too comfortable on the beds. Therefore, you need to make the online learning space at home comfortable but not too comfortable.

Learning Space Must Have A Good Lighting

Most of the online classes are video sessions. Therefore, a child should be sitting in a space where they get natural light from the window or have proper lighting in the room in the evening or night. It allows the tutor to see the face of each student clearly. So, being parents, you must ensure their learning space has good lighting, not dark. Moreover, if the place is bright, they can even see what’s around them. Such small details will help in improving the student workspace for virtual learning. The tutor will see the children through a webcam and determine the expressions because of good lighting. 

Easy Access to Learning Materials

Ensure the child’s learning space has everything they need for the live class. The home study area should be organized and in proper order. So, it is necessary to have all the compulsory supplies, including paper, pencil, and calculators, accessible on the spot. All these things and books must be available on the desk before the class starts. It will help in setting up a space for distance learning. Also, you can use rewards to motivate the child to keep their learning areas neat and clean.  

Decorate the Learning Space

Making the learning space attractive with decorations, motivational or inspiring frames, or artwork encourages the child to learn. Moreover, some children ask their parents to keep their learning space at home more pleasing. Such things are helpful to keep the child’s learning passion alive. Therefore, you should focus on personalizing the child’s home study area. When they look around, they will see motivational artwork, which will encourage them. The parent’s input is as important as the teacher taking the live class. 

Dedicate the Learning Area

Experts recommend that you should only use the online learning space at home for just learning. It means to make the learning space an ideal study area for attending live classes, studying and doing homework. If you do not have sufficient space and you use the learning space for different purposes, you can settle the learning time accordingly. Proper scheduling will help you decide the timings. The learning space must be accessible when a child needs to take the class. 

Keep the Space Tidy

It is one of the best distance learning room ideas that parents follow. The study space or room must be clean and free from clutter. Moreover, it shows that a child is eager to learn and thrive. So, clear all the materials from the learning space except the reading materials, books and other learning essentials. Moreover, a well-organized and tidy room creates a positive learning vibe. It is one of the few best ways to make your online class setup at home more appealing. 

Do Not Overcrowd the Place

The Online learning space at home must not be crowded. A child needs to focus while taking live classes, and it is only possible when they feel relaxed. So, even multiple children use this space; you need to make a proper schedule for them. It will allow them to use this space in their timings. So, educationists recommend parents must organize a homeschooling learning space at home and make a timetable for multiple children.

How crucial is the role of parents in setting up a learning area at home?

Children are not as experienced as their parents. The parents play the most crucial role in improving the child’s study habits and approaches. Parents must know how to set up a study room at home for their children. This blog has explained a few important and helpful tips that will help parents. 

  • Once the parents have successfully established the learning space, they need to cooperate in setting goals with the child. They play the most important role in creating a proper schedule and timetable for using the space. 
  • Also, parents must take feedback from school teachers to improve the child’s learning habits at home. It helps parents determine how many hours of homework is recommended for the child.
  • Make sure to add breaks in the learning schedule of the child. A child needs to eat and be physically active to take live classes vigorously. 


Parents are the key driver in improving the child’s study habits. However, they need to be well-equipped with all the crucial information to ensure children have the perfect online learning space at home. It holds a great significance in ensuring the child’s academic success. Therefore, they must understand and find new ways to keep the child’s learning more exciting. Setting up the learning area for a child is highly crucial because traditional classroom learning is different from online learning. However, parents have to play their part. 

I hope the suggestions mentioned above will help set up your child’s learning space at home.