How to prevent annoying notifications on the computer?

block Malwarebytes popups

The notifications or pop-ups on the computer can be very annoying. While working, these notifications appear and interrupt the work. The user can get various types of pop-ups on the system like updates, malware infection, the new device detected, runtime errors, etc. If you don’t want to receive these notifications; make a few changes. 

System update notifications

When the new update for the OS appears; it will send a notification. The user will get the notification every time he opens the device until he updates the OS. If you want to stop the annoying notification then update your system. In case you can’t update the system then disable the notification.

  1. Open the computer and go to Start
  2. Hit on the Update & Security option
  3. Choose Windows Update
  4. Select the Advanced Options button
  5. Users will see the Update option button

Disable the Receive notification when the update is available. Users may get the confirmation screen; select the Yes button. But keeping the system outdated can be harmful to the system. Update the system and then you won’t get the popup. After updating, the system will ask you to restart the device. If you don’t want to restart now then again go to the Advanced options on Windows Update and disable the PC restart to finish updating notifications. 

Disabling notifications on antivirus

If you have installed an antivirus then you may get numerous notifications daily. Whenever it detects any new file, virus, or suspicious data; it immediately sends notifications. Reading these notifications and taking action is good for keeping the system safe but sometimes it can be very annoying. When the user has freeware then he will get the upgrade notification whenever he opens the system. Whenever you work, popups appear. If you want to work silently then block Malwarebytes popups

  1. Open the antivirus dashboard on the device
  2. Go to the settings and then click on Application 
  3. Go to the Application Update tab and a toggle switch to Off

Users can check for other antivirus notifications and disable them. But disabling the antivirus popups can be harmful. Users must scan the system regularly and check the device’s health. Whenever you find anything suspicious, take action and protect it from any harm. 

Check for the popups on the browser

When a user accesses the browser, he may get numerous notifications. When the user clicks on any suspicious link; you will get a warning notification. The browser protection tool checks the page before loading it on the browser. When the page is suspicious, it blocks it and shows the warning message. Users should never access those pages. But when the page is secure but the tool is showing a warning message then you can disable the browser security tool. Now the user can access the page and won’t receive any notifications. 

Disable your firewall

When the user is playing an online game, any notification or popup sounds bothersome. When the system is connected to a firewall then you may get several cuts on the internet. It occurs when the user is connected to an unreliable network or the game is malicious. The firewall inspects the threat and blocks the network. Never access the unreliable network as it can harm the system. Choose a safe online game to prevent hackers. When the user is accessing a safe application but the firewall is interrupting and sending the notification then disable it. Once you disable the firewall; you can easily access your applications.

Use ad blocker

On the browser, you will see lots of ads and fake notifications. When the user clicks on the ads, it redirects to the website. These ads are safe to access but you may get lots of fake ads or popups. While accessing a file, you may get the warning that the system is under virus infection. Sometimes, the user gets panicked and clicks on the notification. Malware such as spyware and Trojans get installed on the system. These threats can steal the data, corrupt the files and monitor all the activities on your system. Use the ad blocker extension on the browser and you won’t see the fake ads on the device. Users should never click on any of these notifications. Always access safe and reliable sites to keep the system and data secured.