How to Select The Best International Preschool in Pune For Child?

Introduction to Pune

Pune, as a city, holds an academic vibe and an educational culture for an exchange of knowledge and ideas. It is one of the most reliable cities when it comes to the intellectual development of students. A hub of learning, Pune is often referred to as the “Oxford of the east.” The place offers a variety of schools to choose from including international preschool, primary school and secondary school.

Whenever parents choose an international preschool for their child, they go through a complete list of pros and cons of each school and analyse and compare schools to select the best for their child. 

Below mentioned are some of the points that will help parents in selecting the best international preschool for their child:

a) Location

The location of the school is the first and foremost thing a parent needs to consider before selecting a school in any widespread city. They should calculate the amount of time the child will spend travelling and the mode of transport used. According to a study conducted by a German Based Education International, children travelling long distances for school every day see its repercussions on mental and physical health.

b) School review

Primary School review and parents’ feedback plays an important role in selecting a school as it helps parents identify the best school for their child. Speaking to parents whose kids are already a part of that school helps in developing insight into the functioning of that particular school.

c) School tour

Visiting the school campus to check the school’s environment and the activities they conduct daily can prove fruitful for a child. Global Indian International School, Pune, offers a live experience to interested parents and potential students by organising a visit to their campus. 

Parents can visit personally and observe the surroundings, teaching patterns, the behaviour of school students, and infrastructural facilities. An uncontrolled environment provides a transparent view to parents to clear their doubts, queries and analyse every element of the school.

d) Montessori approach

One of the important key features of any international preschool is the kind of curriculum they have chosen for students. Montessori Approach, developed by Italian physician Maria Montessori, aims at the individual growth and development of a child. 

Following a non-traditional grading system, this educational approach respects the uniqueness of a child and provides individual attention to each child. In the approach, the child is provided with a variety of activities in front of him to choose from. The children work on a constructive model rather than on direct instructions i.e. they discover and learn new things while working on these activities

The teacher doesn’t refer to the class as a whole. Instead, the children are divided into groups of 5 to 6 and the teacher visits every group to interact with the child at an individual level.

Global Montessori Plus Programme

GIIS Pune preaches the Global Montessori Plus Programme for students for their all-round development and intellectual growth. Crafted by 100+ educational experts, the school’s GMP programme is appreciated in the whole of Pune city. While concentrating on the holistic development of students, the school’s modern approach also focuses on life skills and core value systems. This exceptional programme aids the child to dig out their inner potential and develop a strong intellectual quotient. 


Before selecting any school, parents should research and compare all the schools in their close proximity. These base years help in transforming the child into a better human being. Therefore, it is very important to select the right international preschool based on several criteria. 

This blog aids as a helping tool for parents to narrow down their search for international preschools and primary schools. Apart from the above-mentioned points, parents should also consider the school fees and check if the facilities the school provides to the children are worth the school fees.