How to set up a car wash company in Dubai?

Having a vehicle is nearly a must for individuals who live and work in Dubai. Every year, the rate of vehicle ownership in Dubai rises dramatically. Therefore keeping this in mind, beginning a car wash business in Dubai is one of the most significant possibilities for entrepreneurs, as it is a booming industry in the UAE right now.

Rules and regulation about car washing service in Dubai

Let’s understand some rules and regulations for Car Washing in Dubai.

  • According to the law In Dubai, only licensed car wash in Dubai can wash cars.
  • The government has allocated certain washing areas. So all the residents should only service on these places.
  • A punishment of AED 500 is imposed for car washing in the street or other undesignated areas, with a penalty of AED 1000 imposed for repeat offenders.
  • Before they can be licensed, all carwash firms in Dubai must incorporate water recycling systems. They must also dispose of both solid and soluble wastes responsibly.

How to effectively start a car wash business in Dubai?

Are you an entrepreneur who just made a mind to start a car wash business in Dubai but doesn’t know where to start? Then don’t worry. We are here to help you. Keep reading the blog to get an idea of how to start.

Choosing a decent company name

Firstly, you have to choose a company name before setting up a company in Dubai. If you are sure about your location, then the next stage is naming the company, but you must abide by specific rules while calling a company. Please don’t use any offensive language when choosing a name.

Next, avoid using the names of prominent organizations or companies. If you are deciding on choosing a company name after your name, then avoid using abbreviations. Use full name if you are using so while neglecting the initials. Many of these rules are unique and new to many countries in the world. The agents of company setup Dubai will help you figure out whether your company’s name is available before registering it for you.

Apply for your license

You can either set your company on the mainland or a free zone. It all up to you, but applying for a license relies on the decision you make. If you have decided on the location, then you can go for a trade license. If you are onto the mainland, you can secure an application to the Dubai Department of Development or through a local equivalent in another part of the Emirates.

Are you rooting for a Freezone location? Then you can make an application directly or make an appointment with a business setup consultant to do the work for you. It makes the application a hassle-free procedure.

Getting Visa application

If you are planning to start a business in Dubai, then you need a visa to proceed, but you need proper guidance to get access to it. You can consult business setup consultants in Dubai to make the process hassle-free. The size of the company, your setup, dependant visas, and your earnings will decide the maximum number of visas you can apply for.

Opening a corporate bank account

You require a corporate bank account to do business in UAE. You can choose a business setup consultant to do work for you. For making the application, you should familiarise yourself and select financial institutions that suit you best. They must offer you a corporate banking service, and the process will be easy and fast for you.

The requirements to get a Corporate Bank Account  are the following:

  • Firstly, You should have access to a UAE business license to open a corporate bank account
  • Some of the banks demand shareholders to have a residency visa
  • It would be best if you had a minimum balance of anywhere between AED 10,000 and AED 150,000

If you can abide by all of the things mentioned above, you can successfully apply for an application. You can get access to your account within two to four weeks.

Things to keep in mind before starting a car wash business in Dubai

We advise you to learn more about different car-washing business aspects to have a successful company in Dubai. Let’s look into some important details you shouldn’t miss. 

  • You can start a variety of cleaning services in Dubai, and each one of them is good after one another. Carpet cleaning, building cleaning and car-washing are some of them. Instead of starting only a cleaning service like a car washing service, you can expand your exposure and accessibility by providing a wide variety of services. You make sure you have licenses for the respective company formation when doing so—for example, cleaning service license, parking car wash license, etc. Getting access to the proper authorization helps you expand your business and hence the profit. 
  • But if you prefer to do only one cleaning service at a time, it is outstanding but make sure it’s a top-notch one. Providing one best service following all the etiquettes of the client will help you gain reputation even from the beginning of the company. After making a reputation or gaining some experience, you can expand the company services, which is all up to you. If you don’t have much budget to spend, this option is valuable for you to keep in mind.
  • Hire professional cleaners when building the cleaning team. We recommend you to have maids or other people as workers who are already trained in cleaning service. If they don’t have much training, then you give some before hiring them. Please remember that your employees can destroy and build the status of your company.
  • Always keep updated with the recent developments in the Car washing service. We all know that there are different types of techniques to clean and wash a car. Learn about new laws and regulations from the government departments. It would help if you learned how to keep your business up with competitors. One way is to adopt intelligent innovations in car cleaning services and follow the government’s laws.
  • Yet another essential feature of Dubai is that we have people all over the world residing there. So it is crucial to respect all the cultures and language of the people because these people are also your clients. Three major languages spoken in Dubai are English, Arabic, and Hindi. So it is essential for you as well as your customer service to communicate in these languages.