How to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Error Code 36

Brother is a top printer manufacturing industry. It is providing advanced printers with different sizes and specifications. These printers are very simple for setting up and managing. But many of the users face error code 36 while running Brother printer. Brother Printer Error Code 36 can troubleshoot easily. 

Common Reasons for Getting Brother Printer Error Code 36

  1. Brother printer can’t read your print command
  2. Paper Jam
  3. Your printer memory is full
  4. Brother printer is facing connection error
  5. The printer fuser is not working

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Steps to Fixing Brother Printer Error Code 36

Power restart the Brother printer

When the printer device shows an error message, you should restart it. Brother printers can show errors due to some runtime issues. Many times the printer is not ready when the user gives the command. When the Brother printer is On, eject the power cable. Reconnect it and the Brother device will restart automatically. Check the PC and give new print command. Go to your Brother printer and take your printouts.

Use Printer Troubleshooter

If the printer is getting an error code then you should run the printer troubleshooter. On PC, go to the Update and Security tab. Select the printer troubleshooter and run the tool. Now check Brother printer and retry to take the printouts.

Remove Viruses from the System 

When an error message appears on your laser printer check for viruses. When the user sends a print command, viruses corrupt it and the printer can’t understand the command. You have to remove the viruses from the PC otherwise the printer can’t get the commands properly. Go to the computer and scan for malware. You should run an antivirus that can detect all malware from the PC. Once you delete the viruses from the device, reconnect the printer. Open the document and try to take the printouts.

Reconnect the Brother Printer

To resolve the error, you should try reconnecting the printer. Eject the cable and reconnect it correctly. Now open the PC and check the Brother printer status. For a Wi-Fi printer connection, check the router. Sometimes the router can’t work correctly and the printer shows the error.

Restart the router once. Now start searching for a network on the Brother device. Choose the correct network for connection. Now search for the printer on the PC. Choose the default password for Brother Printer. After the connection, try getting your printouts with the Brother device. 

Check the Fuser and Printhead

Open the Brother printer and check the fuser. Go to the printer and then install a new fuser. Also, check the printhead. The user needs to wait until the Brother printhead cools down

If the printhead seems clogged then clean it. You have to run the utility tool. Go to Brother printer and check the cleaning service. Run the utility twice and for proper cleaning. Users can clean the Brother printhead with a cloth. After removing the dry ink, the printhead will start moving smoothly. If you see any chunks inside the printer then remove them. The junk is causing a paper jam. After cleaning the device, the printer will work correctly.

Check your Printer Memory

Brother Printer Error code 36 occurs due to a lack of free memory. Sometimes, the user gives a new command to the printer when the memory is full. If the memory can’t take the command; the printer will start showing errors. The user needs to inspect the queue for the pending jobs. When you have lots of jobs then wait. Once you get enough space on the memory then try to give new print command. If the error is occurring due to a stuck print job then remove it. Check the printer and remove your current job. Now resume the printing process and take the printouts.