How to write a perfect dissertation? Step by step guide

Writing can be an intimidating process to a lot of people. If it’s about the writing of dissertation then it could be more overwhelming and you may feel terrorize that how would you be able to write it. I know, the long dissertations are too much daunting and asks the person for a lot of time, efforts, and concentration as well.

The dissertation writing requires devotion and sufficient time to plan and structure the written work. You can definitely not do it within a week or two as it is an extended piece of writing and you cannot complete it without going through a good research.

From the settling of the topic to showing up with a powerful title, the journey is long and you may feel excitement, doubts, panic, and elation. Writing a thesis is not easy and managing a dissertation can become a hard nut to crack and one can surely not do this huge task just in a week or lesser time.

I understand the hustle, writing a dissertation is one of the most intimidating tasks in the whole student life. Be it for the undergraduate or the postgraduate level, dissertations are always time taking and can make you feel nervous yet excited as well.


Dissertation is one long and extended piece of writing that is based upon one single subject. The subjects are mostly narrowed down from one broad topic and then the topic is focused on one core subject with huge data and information. This is also termed as thesis in a lot of the undergraduate and postgraduate programs in most of the states.

One complete research project on one main topic is stated as the dissertation or thesis. This piece of document is a must to submit in order to get the degree on time and obviously, you cannot neglect its important.

Generally, the dissertation is comprising five basic chapters. Writing a draft of 100 to 300 page document is definitely not easy and producing an extreme word count of 10,000 words to 25,000 words is simply terrifying for the students who find the process of writing a lot more daunting.

In order to meet the tough deadlines of the assignments and dissertations, a lot of the students look forward for online assistances including thesis writers in Dubai. This helps them to get the professionally written dissertation in affordable prices.


Writing a dissertation can be overwhelming and daunting. You might be feeling confused about where to take the start from. Well, I have broken down some major steps of writing a long and extended research of dissertation. By following this step by step guide, you would be able to write an outstanding dissertation on time.

Mainly the dissertation is based on five chapters;

  1. An outline of the background of the study
  2. Comprehensive literature review that must be supporting your research
  3. Discussion- this is based on your choice of the research design, data collection, analysis, details, and the steps of the research
  4. The data analyses and the results of your studies
  5. Final evaluation and interpretation of the concluded results

Now, I will break down some major steps of writing the dissertation perfectly.

Choose the topic and outline the requirements:

Choose the topic of dissertation keenly as it is the most essential thing while writing the dissertation. After finalizing title, outline the requirements of the work and take the help of your supervisor. This involves the methods with the help of which you will write the project. Once your outline is clearly maintained, half the battle would be done already!

A winning dissertation proposal:

Writing a winning dissertation proposal is very important. The professional dissertation makers from synopsis writing Dubai also emphasized, the topic that you have selected must be unique and should be clearly organized with the long and short term goals of the study. This is very crucial as if the proposal got reject, you would have to start from scratch.

Make a clear structure and conduct broad research:

Outline the structure of the work includes your alignment of ideas and research. Here, you have to identify the methods of the research and must include all the details with the help of which you would write the dissertation. From introduction to main body and conclusion, you need to perform an extensive research that must be done proficiently.

Write the dissertation like a pro:

This is the time to write the dissertation like a pro writer and bring a win-win for your grades. Make sure to use the correct vocabulary with authentic information and mind-blowing facts so your dissertation could be a winner among the toppers of your class. Make sure to follow the schedule of writing and give some hours of the day to write daily so you would complete dissertation on time.

Time to edit and proofread:

If you have completed your research and dissertation by the time, this is your luck to review it again and again for the mistakes and errors. Never ever neglect the importance of editing and proofreading as this serves as the cherry on top. Look for the spelling mistakes and silly errors. Get the help of a friend so he could give your dissertation a critical check and can provide you with his advice.

Get feedback from supervisor:

Including the opinion and advice of the supervisor can also help you to craft an effective and perfect dissertation. Make sure to ask your supervisor to give your rough draft of dissertation a keen check. This would also help you to come up with the excellent final draft of your dissertation.


This ultimate and comprehensive guide would help you to complete your dissertation efficiently. These tips are tried and tested to help you in completing the perfect dissertation. Read out this guide and follow these tips keenly to set everything on fire with your perfect and outstanding dissertation.