Hurdles Candidates Face While Preparing for Defence Exams

To crack the defence exams, one needs to invest quality time and zealous efforts to complete a humongous syllabus. Candidates dedicate months of preparation just to touch the tip of the iceberg. In many cases, candidates start feeling demotivated by the number of challenges involved in preparation. Copious attempts and revisions can be unnerving that induces aspirants to pivot towards other career paths. Candidates devote precious years of their life to prepare for defence exams. You know why? Being a defence personnel gives a feeling of pride and honor. Serving and safeguarding your motherland is the most venerable duty.   

The defence forces of India conducts numerous exams to churn out potential personnel. Most of the young boys prefer to appear for the NDA exam. Well, clearing the NDA exam without guidance is quite hard. One needs to seek help from a reliable platform. So, interested candidates can link with the magnificent institute that offers ideal NDA coaching in Chandigarh.

Go through these points stating hurles candidates face while preparing for defence exams:

Preparation for defence exams is not something you can do with eyes shut. You need to pour smart efforts with utmost dedication. No matter how many hurdles you face, overcome them without anxiety. So, have an idea regarding hurdles and prepare yourself in advance. 

  • How to start?

The real challenge is to start the exam preparations. Once you get started, the other things will fall into place. Most of the candidates feel perplexed before starting. However, being aware of your strengths and weaknesses can make the starting easy. You can start preparing with easy topics to develop interest. Secondly, prepare a time table to make yourself clear on the number of tasks to be done in a day. This way you’ll know what to do and when to do it. 

  • Preparing for each phase of exam

Generally, you need to appear for the written tests along with the SSB interview. There is no secret that clearing the SSB interview requires high intellect and effort. Moreover, the written test is not so easy. Preparing for both written tests and interviews is a daunting task. Most of the time candidates feel exhausted while coping up with phases of the exam. It is because clearing all the phases will help you secure a defence job. Lagging behind in any of the phases can cost you your success. Thus, it is crucial to excel in every phase of the exam. 

  • Prodigious syllabus

Without a doubt, you need to cover a lot of syllabus to crack the defence exams. Studying a jumble of books is not a child’s play. More often than not, candidates start feeling cold in their feet during preparation. It’s normal to feel anxious. However, not overcoming the anxiety can cause serious issues. You can segment your study material into smaller chunks. Afterwards, prepare the topics accordingly. The most tedious task is to prepare for the general knowledge section. So, read a newspaper daily to keep yourself updated with current affairs. Additionally, you can download a current affair app on your mobile phone. 

If you are a graduate and want to join the Indian Air force, prepare for the AFCAT exam. To qualify the exam, you can link with an illustrious institute that caters excellent AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh. 

  • Time management

Managing time is the most challenging factor while studying for the defence exams. Most of the candidates prepare for the exam while pursuing their higher studies or during the job. Therefore, it becomes hard for candidates to adjust their time. What will help you out here? Obviously, time management. While fighting with so many factors, keep yourself away from unnecessary activities. Keep one point focus on the exam preparation. Give yourself enough time for practice. 

  • Not able to fight distractions

Distractions are nothing but some external factors that wave your focus. Developing temptations to distractions will only drag to the chasm of failure. So, do your best to steer clear of distractions. Which thing can distract you the most? Your smartphones. It holds all the social media apps that can distract your mind while preparing for the exam. Therefore, keep your phones off when you start to study. Moreover, keep your study area mess free to enhance your focus while studying. 

  • Coaching or self study

Candidates often fall into the trap of this doubt, whether to avail coaching or not. Let us tell you, self study is the most efficacious way to prepare for the exam. Hower, it is not sufficient when it comes to defence exams. You’ll need proper guidance to channel through these exams. From where you’ll get that? Which that reliable source is? A coaching institute. Generally, a good coaching institute will have well experienced and intellectual teachers to help you throughout the preparation phase. 

Among all defence exams, one is CDS. Qualifying this exam will open doors for you to enter the defence forces. For best results, you can seek help from a brilliant institute that delivers perfect CDS coaching in Chandigarh. 


Every youngster of India feels honored to be a part of the defence forces. However, few are gutsy enough to join these elite forces. You need to be efficient both physically and mentally to crack defence exams. Preparing for these exams will demand focus and dedication. So, go through the points above and do your best to beat the hurdles. Nothing is impossible, once you set your aim with unfaltering will.