Important Tips For Yoga Teacher Training Preparation

Confused about how to prepare for a yoga teacher training course? Well, it is very natural to be all nervous and conscious of your choices. Moreover, not planning and thinking out things might place you in the wrong space. So, it is very important that you do proper research before joining a yoga teacher training. Hence, for yoga teacher training preparation, check out the following points.

Basic Things For Yoga Teacher Training Preparation

Go through these points to ensure you know what are you stepping into. Read on.

Attend Different Yoga Classes

Not every yoga class is going to suit you. Moreover, it is possible that the first yoga class that you join might not align or resonate with your goal. So, to ensure you don’t feel stuck, check out different yoga classes.

Attending different classes gives you the experience of training yoga under different yoga instructors. Moreover, you might come across a yoga teacher who offers you greater insight into how to become a yoga instructor. Also, you might find the perfect yoga teacher and an inspirational figure when you attend different yoga classes.

Create a Journal

Possibly, you can’t remember everything you come across throughout the day. The human mind forgets things that are unimportant. So, to remember everything you came across in a yoga class, you should maintain a journal. This helps you to have a deeper insight into your day.

Moreover, when everything is in written form, you know better what to include or exclude from your routine. You can write down all the questions or doubts about a particular yoga session or yoga form. Hence, you know what might not serve you the best or which is the perfect thing you are looking for.

Get Used With Time to Practice Yoga

To prepare for a yoga teacher training course, you need to train your body and mind. So, for that, you have to push yourself beyond your limits. Therefore, you should join a yoga class that offers intense yoga practice according to your level.

This will help you get used to the time to practice yoga. Hence, when you join a yoga teacher training course, you no longer find it hard to cope up with the rest of the class. More than that, you might find it comparatively easy or moderate accordingly.

Keep Realistic Expectations

One of the most crucial tips for yoga teacher training preparation is that you should have realistic expectations. That means to say, never think that you’ll become a yoga master in 4 to 6 weeks. That might demotivate you.

So, have realistic goals in your mind according to your current level of fitness or yoga practice. That way, when your course will end, you’ll remain inspired or motivated.

Know Your Insecurities

Before you join a yoga teacher training course, know about your insecurities or egoistic characteristics. Such qualities might hamper your yoga practice. So, if you already know about this, you won’t get more affected.

Rather, you can figure out a way to cope up with all such scenarios. Moreover, it is always better to be aware of all such emotions or feelings. Thus, spend quality time with yourself to know what triggers you.

Research About the Yoga Certification

The most important element for yoga teacher training preparation is to look for the yoga certification. So, whether you want to join the 200 YTT or 500 hour YTT course, do check the yoga certification. Make sure you enroll in the Yoga Alliance certified course only.

Every yoga practitioner is aware of the importance of the Yoga Alliance certification. Therefore, to make the most of your yoga practice, you should spend time doing the required research about different courses with Yoga Alliance certification.

Practice Yoga Consistently

Regular yoga practice helps you know where you lack. So, you can spend time enhancing your lacking sides. That way, when you join a yoga teacher training, you can rest assured to have even progress. Moreover, practicing yoga consistently will prepare you for further challenges in a yoga class.


Joining a yoga teacher training in India is not that difficult but keeping up with the class is what could be challenging. So, to ensure you don’t waste your time and money, preparing beforehand is a wise decision. Make sure you keep all the yoga teacher training preparation tips in mind so that you have the best yoga experience.