Is it Possible to Replace Regular Tyres With Run-Flat Tyres?

What are run-flat tyres? Designed with reinforced sidewalls, run-flat tyres are different from regular tyres as they allow time after your tyre is punctured. Also known as the zero-pressure tires, they can handle the vehicle’s weight up to 100 miles until a safe place can be reached to change the flat tire.

So, if you’re thinking of replacing your conventional tyres with run-flat ones, remember one thing – all four tyres must be replaced.

Why? The thicker and reinforced sidewall of the run-flat tyres differs from the regular ones, and if you replace only one or two, then chances are it’ll reduce road handling and vehicle’s stability.  The run-flat tyre prices in UAE varies for different brands, so it’s best to consult a reliable tyre shop that’ll be able to guide you according to your requirements. 

Why Should You Invest in Run-Flat Tyres?

The obvious reason is that you can drive on a flat tire up to 100 miles after the air starts leaking. A self-supporting tyre, it will give you enough time to find the nearest service station or a safe place to change the tyre.

The sellers of Pirelli tires in Dubai recommend reducing the speed to 50mph to get the most out of the range. You can find the exact instructions on Pirelli’s tyre’s manual. Run-flat tyres give better handling and stability even after a blowout. Driving on the fast-paced Dubai roads, it’ll give you enough time to reduce speed and prepare yourself to make the nearest stop. 

The Downside of a Run-Flat Tyre

Vehicles with run-flat tires don’t come with spare tires. In fact, if by chance you happen to damage one it can’t be repaired and new one will have to be purchased. Compared to conventional tires, run-flats are expensive. Another factor to consider when buying run-flats is reduced tread wear.

The soft tread compound of the tyre counters the hard ride and it can impact the tread life. So, while you are paying more for comfort, it’s quite possible you’re spending more for nothing. Also, a blowout is still possible if the driver ignores the brand’s set mileage limit and continues to drive past the zero-pressure range. 

The Verdict

Quick steering response, convenience, and safety remain the top features of run-flat tyres. While the tyres provide comfort, they can be a bit noisy and give a stiff ride to the driver. It’s recommended to make an informed purchase and consult experts.

Online tyre buying platforms like Dubai Tyre Shop provide the services of experienced professionals who will guide you into making an informed decision.