What Makes Outdoor Carpeting So Durable?

Outdoor carpeting is a way to give your patio, deck, or outdoor area a nice stylish look. The question is, what makes outdoor carpeting so durable?

Things That made outdoor carpets more durable

First, you want to make sure that the underlay is thick enough to keep your new carpet from falling apart quickly. Also, you want the underlay to be long-lasting. It should be able to last for many years before needing to be replaced. Look for carpeting systems that have been tested for both wear and tear and weight-bearing.

Double pile backing

A good-quality outdoor system should have a double-pile backing. A real fiber backing provides additional strength to the carpeting. Outdoor Carpets Dubai system has a double-pile backing, it will be heavier. If it is heavy, then it will last longer. Also, it will hold its shape and look great for many years.


Another important factor in outdoor carpeting durability is the waterproofing of the underlay. A waterproof carpet is great for preventing slips and falls on wet floors. If you have a pool, you probably have a few pets and children who like to run around in the pool and drag in all kinds of water. With an outdoor carpeting system that is waterproof, you can eliminate this problem simply by using a pad under the outdoor carpet.

Some homeowners wonder about getting an actual sheet for their patio. Yes, this does solve the water issue, but it also slows down the drainage of the water. When water is forced through a solid mass, it can take quite some time. This means that you will typically need to clean more often than with an inground pad. This is just something to consider if you are going to use this type of flooring in your home.

Installed with a floating device

Most outdoor carpets are installed by floating devices. The device keeps the ground beneath the outdoor carpeting in place and prevents it from moving when heavy objects are moved around. For instance, if someone slides on your patio while they are carrying something, the padding underneath the carpeting will catch the full weight of the object, much like a mattress. The system also holds the carpeting upright, which saves you the time and effort of moving furniture around.

Installed over a cement slab

Many people wonder about the longevity of the outdoor carpeting systems that they install. The most common reason for this is because it is installed over a cement slab. You do have to make sure that the concrete is sealed properly, or it could weaken the backing over time. This is something that you should check out before you buy your outdoor carpeting.

UV protection

Some of the other options that you have for your outdoor carpeting system include high-end options that come with UV protection. This is something that many homeowners are deciding to go with because it protects their family from the sun and its damaging rays. It also keeps dirt and debris from becoming ingrained in the carpet. This can become rather difficult if the dirt has been sitting for a long period of time, and the area becomes wet. With UV protection, you will not only be protecting your furnishings from the elements, but you will also be protecting your investment.


If you are looking for a way to add an accent to your home without adding a lot of square footage, consider an outdoor carpeting system. There are many different styles and patterns to choose from, and they are easy to install. Best Outdoor furniture Dubai even offer warranties on the outdoor carpeting that you purchase, so there is no need to worry about purchasing something that is going to fall apart after just a few months. These are some of the main questions that you should ask when you are thinking about installing an outdoor carpeting system in your home.