Choosing the Right Marketing Automation Platform for Start-ups

In today’s dynamic marketing atmosphere, innovative campaigns and strategies get quickly exhausted owing to how competitive and crowded this industry has become. This presents an unprecedented need for companies and businesses to adapt and stay on top of this incredibly fast-paced industry. Here is where marketing automation can help.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to a software platform that is designed to increase the overall efficiency of marketing efforts. Marketing automation tools help companies identify potential clients and focus their efforts on this target audience via automation. These tools further nurture client relationships to the point of making the final sale. This also involves maintaining post-sales contact. Marketing automation is used to optimize productivity as well as reduce the time and energy required in sales and marketing strategies. 

Marketing Automation: Corporates Vs Start-ups 

Marketing automation is pervasive in the corporate sphere. This is mainly due to the constant and comprehensive sales efforts of the concerned partners and owing to the abundance of monetary capital. However, the case is much different for Start-ups as the use of marketing automation platforms is still relatively rare. A major reason for this is limited financial resources. Since start-ups need to be cost-effective in their operation, they tend to use free tools and platforms to make do. This is, however, not a viable solution. The challenge in using free tools is that they only offer limited services and are too scattered to be of much use. 

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The shift to marketing techniques is still considerably sluggish in start-ups. That being said, marketing automation is slowly being viewed as a necessity, even by start-ups. Keeping in mind the manifold benefits it offers, firms both big and small are no longer perceiving it as a “luxury” rather an investment that provides a tremendous rate of return.

Start-ups and Growth 

According to research, about 74% of start-ups have reported a significant reduction in the time dedicated for marketing and sales efforts post marketing automation application. Here are some of the critical benefits that start-ups can derive from employing marketing automation tools:

• Lowered costs: Using reliable marketing automation software results in a notable increase in productivity. This means that tasks that were earlier being performed by a staff of 50 can now be undertaken digitally. 

• Lead generation: Marketing automation allows for formulating strategies that focus on lead generation and nurturing. It has also proved to raise conversion rates to a large extent.

• Data and insight: In today’s age, where data is an indispensable part of all sectors, marketing automation enables users to garner in-depth information and insight into consumer behaviour. This, in turn, ensures well-informed decision making. 

The Starting Point 

Before employing marketing automation techniques, it is crucial to understand what your expectations and goals should be. Listed below are some vital considerations to take into account before undertaking marketing automation:

Prioritize Conversion rates: It is critical to ensure that automation isn’t being utilized only until lead generation. What companies really require is a high conversion rate. The automation platform you choose should be equipped with appropriate tools and tactics to guarantee this result.

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Compatibility: To make optimal use of automation tools, the integration capabilities of the chosen platform with the CRM (customer relationship management) database and other analytical tools must also be thoroughly checked. 

• Value for money: The chosen platform should be “affordable” in all aspects. This implies that your marketing automation tools should be comprehensive in terms of their functionality. Apart from this, it also should be manageable, meaning that it shouldn’t be too complex to use. 

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