Comparing the New Siri Remote to Previous Generations

Apple recently introduced the Apple TV 4K. This version comes with tons of upgrades. New product features are high-frame-rate HDR, an A12 Bionic processor, and the new and improved Siri Remote. What’s more, the new remote is compatible with both the 2015 and 2017 models of Apple TV.  

Siri Remote is perhaps the most fascinating feature of Apple TV. The body is similar to the remotes that were launched before 2015. Moreover, the company has added more length, thickness, and weight to the new remote. We will be going into other details of the remote, but first, let us discuss the previous versions.  

2005 – First Generation of Apple Remote Introduced 

Apple rolled out its first version of the Apple Remote in 2005. It was a rectangular-shaped device. The whole remote was white except the top part, which was black. Users could control their Mac devices using the remote. The remote would detect an infrared sensor within the Mac to perform functions like play audio and videos.  

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The remote featured six buttons. However, a single button would perform multiple functions. For example, you could control volume and navigate through media using a combination of buttons. The pause and play buttons, on the other hand, could also be used to confirm a selection.  

The first generation bore a striking similarity to the iPod. The design shared many similarities with the iPod Shuffle. The developers modeled the Apple Remote after the iPod Shuffle. The two even shared several core functions. Moreover, the design made it easy for users to replace the remote’s battery cells. 

2009 – Second Generation of Apple Remote Unveiled  

While retaining the central button, Apple introduced several cosmetic changes to the second generation of Apple Remote. This device complemented the living room nature of Apple TV. The white plastic was replaced with aluminum. Moreover, the second generation made it easy for users to navigate through the media on their Apple devices.  

However, core functionalities remained more or less the same. The company replaced the black translucent bar with a recess. The recess covered the infrared transmitter used to communicate instructions to Apple devices. Apple continued to utilize the remote for up to the third generation of Apple TV. However, things changed with the advent of tvOS.  

2015 – Enter Siri Remote 

The company overhauled the remote control with the introduction of Siri Remote. This device was programmed to control the fourth-generation Apple TV. Apple created Siri Remote with the intent to facilitate touch-based interactions. It replaced the circular button with a touch-sensitive glass surface.  

The touch control gave the user more freedom to navigate the content on their Apple TV. Features included swipes, scrolls, press-clicks, and repositioning. Such features provided users with a touch-centric experience. However, the Siri Remote retained six buttons from the previous generations. Users could control Apple TV with dedicated buttons for Menu, Apple TV App and Home, Volume, Play, Pause, and Siri buttons.

2017 – Second Iteration of Siri Remote Introduced  

Apple launched the second iteration of Siri Remote to complement Apple TV 4k. This particular version came with several tweaks. It was seen as a refined version of the 2015 model. While the changes were subtle, they greatly improved the user experience.  

For the Menu button, Apple introduced a bold white ring. This made it easy for users to ascertain that they had set the remote in the right direction. Moreover, the device came with motion control support. Users could use it with several games exclusive to Apple TV. The motion control support proved popular with developers.  

2021 – Second Generation of Siri Remote Unveiled 

The current version is the second generation of Siri Remote. The company introduced major updates to both Apple TV and Siri Remote. You may not know this but you can use Apple TV to access Spectrum TV without switching from one app to another, but you may have to call Spectrum 1800 number for that. The 2021 Siri Remote offers a unique combination of the previous versions. It has the aesthetic quality of the second-generation Apple Remote and the functionalities of the first-generation Siri Remote. Furthermore, it has a built-in battery, which could be charged using a lightning port.  

However, Apple has left out the support to developers. The new remote does not support gameplay. This is because the tvOS provides great support for third-party controllers. Moreover, the design is great as compared to the previous versions. It is sleek and offers great accessibility.  


It all comes down to how much of a tech collector you are. You will get Siri Remote with the new Apple TV. It is advisable to use your iPhone to control your Apple TV instead of buying Siri Remote as a standalone device.