Party Hard, Save the Earth Harder

Celebratory events are an integral part of life. As you prosper and reach certain milestones, you may deem it necessary to host a gathering in honour of it. You cannot miss rejoicing about just so many things, from birthdays and weddings to baby showers and your pet’s gotcha day.

Planning a party can be fun, glamorous, and exciting. However, cleaning up the mess after is exceptionally challenging, primarily if you use party supplies that generate a ton of carbon footprints that harm the environment.

The good thing is that the production of eco-friendly party equipment is slowly getting trendy. As a result, you can now find a variety of items that are not only stylish but also sustainable. 

If you don’t know what to purchase, you should not worry! Here are examples of carbon-neutral products you should buy for your next big celebration:

Biodegradable Plates, Utensils, and Cups

Most often than not, every party’s main event is the food being served, and this is why plates, utensils, and cups are some of the primary party supplies that you should prepare when hosting a gathering.

While using your tableware is the most sustainable option, cleaning up can take much time. Luckily, there is a broad range of eco-friendly flatware and utensils.

Some spoons and forks are made of bamboo and corn starch. There are wooden food trays and plates made out of banana leaves. Lastly, you can complete the set with paper cups and straws.

The best thing about these goods, aside from being environmentally safe, is they are mostly neutral in colour, and this means that they are guaranteed to fit your aesthetic regardless of your party theme!

Non-polluting Venue Decorations

Nowadays, you can find synthetic balloons being hyped as a staple in party backdrops. They can be attractive because of the variety of colours, shapes, and sizes. However, the truth is they do nothing but harm the environment.

Does it take 450 years for a regular plastic to break down fully? So, if you don’t want to add more waste to your home, you should use alternatives to design your party venue.

Opting for recyclable materials is always your best bet for sustainability. Items such as vases stuck in your garage, old magazines, and worn-out boxes can be repurposed as ornaments that beautify your place.

However, if you are searching for something new, you can get paper lanterns and ribbons. To strengthen your festivities, you can throw some biodegradable confetti and give away felt party hats for your guests to wear.

Remember that creativity can take you a long way. You don’t need balloons and other materials made out of plastic to achieve an Instagram-worthy party.

Sustainable Party Souvenirs

Giving away party favours is an excellent way to thank your guests for spending time to celebrate something dear to you. However, it would be best to prioritise thinking of giving away valuable gifts to avoid wastage.

For example, giving away seeds that they can plant in their own homes is brilliant, and this shows gratitude for their attendance at your party and sends the message of being environmentally conscious. Isn’t it a great nod after throwing a sustainable party?

You can take small ways to save the environment while having fun with your family and friends. May you always opt for an eco-friendly option no matter what you do so you can stay on this planet for a long, long time.