5 Perks of Living on a Houseboat

Living on the water seems scary, but houseboats are often overlooked because of fear. Houseboats pose a unique living situation; they are simply a floating home in the water. There are several unknown perks of living on a houseboat. Having a home on the water may be a dream of yours. If you are contemplating living on a houseboat, here are 5 perks that can help you make your final decision.


The houseboat lifestyle is extraordinary and unlike living in a standard home or apartment. First of all, you don’t need to worry about yard maintenance. There is no lawn to mow, weeds to pull, or plants to pot. Besides the lower workload, the most incredible part of the houseboat lifestyle is the surroundings. Each morning and night you are able to view incredible images of the sun either setting or rising. Wildlife is also prevalent when you live in a houseboat. Depending on what body of water your house is on, you’ll get to see incredible creatures like beautiful birds or fish regualrly. Not to mention, you can easily access fresh seafood right from your home. Assuming your job and other life aspects don’t intervene with this lifestyle, feel free to purchase a houseboat of your own.

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Houseboats are a wonderful investment. Houseboats are way cheaper than rentals, houses, and condos. This means that the average return on investment on houseboats is certainly worth it. Instead of settling for a mediocre house or apartment, you can live near cities for less on a housebaot. There are few regrets for those who invest in this style of home. Since boats aren’t considered as house property, houseboat owners aren’t required to pay property tax which will save them money. Houseboats are considered personal property, so the taxes owners still need to pay will be much lower. If you are able to afford a houseboat, it’s a great investment that you can make.


It’s nice to be away from the busy city life. Houseboats are commonly in between city and rural areas. While you aren’t in an extremely busy location, you can still be close enough to populated areas. During your time at home, you can enjoy the peace and feel as if you are on vacation. Then, you can also avoid heavy traffic for most of your commute to cities and towns. Houseboats are the perfect median between a hectic and remote living location.


If you love water based activities, living right on the water is the best thing you can do! You can swim, jetski, fish, and more at your convenience. If you have children, it’s a great way to keep them entertained while you are preoccupied. It’s also a nice way to treat any guests that visit your house as well. There is no need to plan a trip to a lake, or ocean when your home is right on the water. Regular housing options lack spontaneous entertainment, which is a big part of why technology has become so mainstream. Houseboat owners get a break from the modern world because they can appreciate that they have constant access to the ocean. If you love experiencing the water, you’ll be satisfied living on a houseboat.

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Eco Friendly

Since they are located on bodies of water, houseboats are in the perfect environment to create clean energy. Houseboats are one of the best ways to live an eco friendly lifestyle. Houseboats require less energy to function than regular homes. They often have solar panels installed on the roofs, and if not, it’s a great purchase to invest in. Houseboats have abundant access to sunlight because of their location, so solar panels can be utilized to produce clean energy. Along with solar energy, wind energy is common near the water as well. Near shorelines and vast bodies of water, wind is frequent. If you own a houseboat, you can get a mini wind generator to collect up to 600W of clean energy. Choosing to live on a houseboat is an effortless way to become more eco friendly. You are able to reduce the resources you use, while taking advantage over the free and easy accessible ones at your disposal.

Should You Buy a House Boat?

The perks of living on the water may not convince you to make this big life change. Outweigh the pros and cons, and you’ll be able to decide if a houseboat is right for you. Houseboats can help you achieve a desired lifestyle full of adventure, less responsibility, and increased happiness.
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