Qualities to Lookout For in Nursery Schools In Pune

During construction, the base of the building is essentially made stronger to erect a structure that has a firm base. Similarly, the initial phase of the education journey while entering the Kindergarten, Preschool, and Nursery Schools classes lays the foundation of a child’s academic future.

A high rising building or tuition fees shouldn’t be the criteria to select the best nursery school for your child. There is much more to it. It is very important to conduct thorough research and consider the other attributes that are crucial for the exponential growth of children. 

Parents should be particular about the following qualities innursery schools in Pune 

Stellar reputation:

The positive and clean reputation of the nursery school is the foremost factor to be considered. Learn from your close acquaintances about the goodwill of the teachers and staff towards the young learners. A nursery school’s good reputation is determined by its ability to blend academics with child-based activities for burgeoning young minds.

The nursery schools in Pune in some cases share the positive experiences of already associated parents with the parents of prospective students to make decision-making simpler and quicker. 

Location & Ambience:

The location of the school should be away from the hustle and bustle of the main town or city. A quiet ambiance is a prerequisite for all educational institutions. Also, inside the campus, the ambiance must be suitable and facilitative to the academic progress of the kids, especially for nursery kids.

While considering the proficient nursery schools in Pune, ensure that they have well-planned premises that encourage the kids to participate in extracurricular activities such as art, dance, music, recitation, etc, and incorporate play-based activities in their pedagogical structure. The campuses need to be profusely secured under constant surveillance of CCTV cameras and conscientious security guards.

Cooperative and compassionate staff:

Since the kids are away from their parents during school hours and it’s a new phenomenon for them. So, verifying that the teaching and non-teaching staff members are skilled to deal with kids with utmost calm and patience is important. The best international schools in Pune should recruit qualified teachers and staff members for the nursery kids, who exhibit appropriate child-friendly qualities such as good communication skills, passion, sense of humour, creativity, liveliness, etc. 

Curriculum plan:

To ensure a holistic pedagogical structure for young learners nursery schools should adopt environment-based learning, rather than opting for the traditional pencil and notebook method. Therefore, the curriculum for nursery classes should be checked to ensure that it’s planned in a way so that kids can explore and learn from their physical surroundings.

GIIS, one of the best international schools in Pune, has structured an advanced nursery curriculum, Global Montessori Program (GMP) which nurtures the cognitive, motor, and expressive skills and enhances the environmental, social, and cultural awareness in young minds. 

Allied features:

Strict disciplinary rules and regulations create new benchmarks for proficient educational institutions. The lessons of abiding by rules and maintaining discipline should be instilled right from the pre-primary stages of schooling. However, flexibility should also be rendered to make kids understand the balance of freedom and discipline.

Parents should check that all of these factors are effectively considered while training their kids alongside other facilities like technology-oriented learning methods, provision of nutritious and freshly prepared meals, medical aids, etc. All of these ensure the suitability of the institution for the enrichment of the tiny tots. 


As a parent, mental mapping is very important before setting your criteria for selecting a nursery school. Here are a few tips that will help you to choose the best institution:

  • Shortlist few schools
  • Teacher-student ratio
  • Child-friendly and hygienic environment
  • Daily schedules and other activities
  • Reviews about the school

and so on.

The best international schools in Pune also arrange in-person campus tours and virtual tours for parents to get a detailed picture of the infrastructures and other amenities provided by the nursery schools in Pune.