Rajdarbar Group Director, Radhika Garg’s mantra to achieve confidence and right attitude

Pretend it’s there until your brain nurtures this tendency into an attitude, says Rajdarbar Group Director Radhika Garg

There is no substitute for confidence and effective attitude. It is important for every individual to develop both the traits in today’s world. However, for entrepreneurs, the value of such qualities is more significant. Radhikha Garg, Director of Rajdarbar Group believes that it is not impossible to channelize one’s behavior to developed these qualities over a period of time, even if you think otherwise. Having attained great success in her professional career, here’s Radhika’s mantra for achieving confidence and effective attitude: 

1. Invest in Yourself

You are given an opportunity that requires constant efforts to turn it into an advantage. Invest in yourself and get ready. Remember that achievement can strike at any second. When it does, you’re likelier to receive better benefits when you come prepared.

2. Spotlight Solely on Your Success

To determine a confident outlook in life, it is important to forget about other people. The only person you should be comparing yourself is to the version of yourself you wish to become. Strive to introspect and indulge in self-reflection.

3. Confidence is the key

If you have nothing to be pleased with for the moment, try to persuade your mind into thinking that there is something to be grateful for, even if that thing does not exist. Pretend it’s there until your brain nurtures this tendency into an attitude, says Rajdarbar Group Director Radhika Garg.

4. Positive Thinking Helps

Some may argue that negativity is necessary for advancement since they make you re-evaluate your position, but we all know that they never truly channel your self-assurance. One needs to try a different approach. Rather than reflecting on wasted liberties and perceived flaws, it would help if you take pride in what you have accomplished. Focus on what works at the end of the day.

5. Take advantage of Your Strengths

You may find better (and faster) results by playing with your strengths. Try taking on roles that you have a clear advantage over, rather than trying out new functions that would require more training and confidence on your end. You might find better results by engaging in activities that would highlight your existing capabilities.

6. Put forward Clear Goals

Ask yourself: what is my motivation throughout everyday life? What do I want to accomplish with work? Ask yourself what would you like to be when you grow up? These questions will provide you with a clearer perspective on the fundamental strides towards progress in your career.

7. Treat problems as opportunities

There are more setbacks in life than successes. When you’re entrenched in problems, the only way to go up is to focus on finding ways to solve it and become a strong leader. You’ll gain confidence in yourself and your skills as you become better at finding solutions.

8. Treat fear as a catalyst

The key is to push through your fear and turn it into motivation. The more you succumb to this fear, the more difficult it becomes to ignore feelings of self-doubt. It’s essential to find a way to overcome these feelings of uncertainty, and actively fighting these will give you self-confidence and teach you to ignore the negative feelings.

Small steps are the key to long-term success, and we should never forget that success and confidence can’t be achieved overnight. With self-belief, one can achieve incremental progress to be successful and happy. Consistency, confidence and perseverance often pave the way to attain great heights.