Raksha bandhan gifts for your college going sister

Raksha Bandhan is here and each one of us is thinking about gifts that are to be given to our sisters. If you have a sister who has recently joined her college then you can give her the Raksha Bandhan gift that will help her lead a better college life or a gift that helps her enjoy with her friends. Let us look at some of the Raksha Bandhan gifts that can be given to your college going sister; 

Personalized gifts

Personalised gifts can be the best way to win the heart of your sister on Raksha Bandhan 2021. You may buy Rakhi gifts for sister such as personalized coffee mugs, personalized cushions, personalized wooden caricatures, personalised T-shirts etc, and give them to your sister in order to express your love to her. She can use these gifts often and remember your love forever. 

Perfume gifts

Offering fragrances as gifts is also a nice option, as anyone would hardly refuse the gift of perfumes. After all, they are so alluring and tempting, you can choose the fragrances that your sister likes the most or you may buy a set of perfumes that smell like flowers for your sister and give her Raksha Bandhan delight in the form of sweet fragrances. 

Jewelry gifts

If you do not have enough savings to buy gold or silver jewellery such as earrings, pendants or anklets then you may buy artificial jewellery for your sister. You can buy a set of 7- 8 jhumkas for your sister or you may buy a personalised pendant for her necklace. Besides this, you can also buy Bracelet or bangles for your sister. 

Handmade delights 

You can make your Raksha Bandhan gift more special by making it with your hand. Instead of purchasing a ready-made gift product, you may make photo memory gifts such as the photo box for a photo frame. You can also make a handmade greeting card for your sister. Besides that, you can make tasty a meal for her or a special cake for your sister in order to wish her a happy Raksha Bandhan. 

Chocolate bouquets

You may send Raksha Bandhan gifts to Gurgaon in order to send your messages of love to your sister so that even if you are not able to visit your sister owing to your job restrictions or the restrictions that the pandemic has imposed upon us. You can still send your love to your sister by surprising her through a chocolate bouquet or a box of delicious chocolate on Raksha Bandhan. 


Every girl loves to wear saree. Right from your sister’s childhood, you would have seen her playing with your mother’s sari or Dupatta. She might wrap the dupatta around her and play with it as if it were a sari, so you may buy a beautiful saree for your sister and offer it to her on Raksha Bandhan. She will surely be delighted to receive such a beautiful gift from you. 

Electronic gadgets

Electronic gadgets are also an option for giving gifts. So you may buy a new pair of earphones or a new Bluetooth speaker, you can buy a new phone or you can give a head massager or a face massager to your sister in order to relax or feel at ease. You can also buy a new laptop for her in order to help her in her professional or educational pursuits. 

Makeup pouch

No girl would ever decline any makeup product. so whether you know the favourite makeup brand of your sister or not, you can still take the risk to buy certain makeup products or an entire makeup kit for your sister and you will be delighted to see the happy reaction of your sister. In order to avoid any mistake, you can ask any of your female friends, your cousin’s or maybe your sister herself to help you out while choosing the gift. 
Besides all these gift items, you can look for many more Raksha Bandhan gifts online and select the one which pleases you the most and offer your love to your sister in the form of the lovely gift that you choose for her.