Reasons Why British Style Rules Menswear

The fashion industry is ruthless and everyone knows that. Fashion trends usually surface faster than one can blink an eye and they can fade just as quickly.

However, as the world of fashion continues to evolve, one thing that almost everybody can agree with is that when it comes to menswear, the British style dominates the game. The United Kingdom has always reigned over the fashion industry and has done so with eccentricity, and elegance.

One reason why the British style has always dominated menswear is that it thrives on the mantra of being yourself! This is precisely the reason why so many trends originate from the UK as men are much more comfortable experimenting with their wardrobe rather than copying others.

From gents to punks, the British style has taken over the world of fashion by meddling with the classics.

4 Reasons Why British Style Rules Menswear

The Brits have always been inclined towards fashion which is why whatever they do, they do it with class and style. The director of Reiss’ menswear Alex Field stated that British Style is extremely eclectic, but as time has gone by, the lines have become blurred. And amongst those lines, there are four particular attributes that define the style of the British. These are the same reasons why the British style dominates menswear. Those reasons are as follows

1. Elegance

Do you know what makes the Brits different from their American and European peers? One word: Elegance! It’s not a surprise that tailoring was pretty much invented by the Englishmen.

This means that when it comes to designing a perfect suit, they are equally focused on the cut as they are on detail and fabric. Also, they would go far and beyond to bring their creative side to light by pairing their creations flawlessly that could certainly put an impression on the onlookers.

But since the idea of elegance is now slowly changing considering how Goldman Sachs has eased their dress code, British designers have once again stepped up their game to bring fabulous designs which fit perfectly to their concept of elegance.

2. Practicality

Do you still remember the era of bondage trousers and denim onesies? Well, it just shows that the British style is versatile and is not afraid to go a bit outré. But the occasional improvisation sometimes finds its way to a rock-solid baseline. According to the famous stylist Cary Grant, it is advised to go for the simpler outfits but please don’t confuse it with plain.

Another thing that truly makes the outfit stand out is the practicality. This is why the British focus so deeply on creating phenomenal pieces which can stand the stand of time. And perhaps, this is one of the reasons why British-made garments are so trusted all over the world.

3. Comfort

Comfort is another reason why British Styles rule menswear. Different UK-based fashion brands while manufacturing garments emphasize on delivering not just top-notch quality but also comfort to their consumers.

What some brands do is soften the construction of the pieces to make the garments easy to wear, flexible, and more comfortable. Reiss usually softens the color palettes and elasticates the waistbands of their trousers.

4. Versatility

When the dress codes are relaxed, this is where the Brits shine the most. Let’s take the example of David Beckham. He is a style icon who carries his image elegantly while showing great versatility in the outfits he wears.

For instance, he made headlines when he appeared in a blazer-tie combo at Wimbledon. He can then be seen with leather jackets, caps, and t-shirts. He mixes his different pieces really creatively.

What men these days prefer is to have an attire which could work perfectly in both the workplace and in public with friends. The solution to this is layering! For instance, you can consider wearing a suit with an overcoat and trainers in the office. And when you are with buddies, you can take the layers off.

When you do, this is what you would be dressed in; slim-fit trousers, a t-shirt, and trainers! You can even consider wearing khaki pants. They too would look great!


And there you have it! These are the four reasons why the British style has been ruling menswear for so long. Considering the points above, it surely shows just how much the English brands focus on producing quality clothing for the natives.

This is also one of the reasons why the Englishmen are often considered style gurus. They never hesitate in trying new things and neither does the fashion brands fear introducing the latest trends!