Searching for a Nursery School Near Me? Here Are a Few Things To Check!

Searching for a Nursery School Near Me! Preschool is the learning experience that every child needs to go through during their initial years as it helps in a child’s emotional, social, and personal growth and development. 

Importance of Nursery School Near me 

When a 3-year-old spends time with adults other than parents:- 

  • They learn to build trusting relationships with adults and other children.
  • They learn the importance of sharing and learn new things which fosters personal growth.
  • Continuous interaction and exposure with other children of the same age group and teachers helps them to enhance their communication skills. 
  • As per Pune CBSE School Preschool helps kids to transform their thoughts and knowledge into information. 
  • Exposure to reading and story sessions helps to enhance the child’s vocabulary, thereby promoting language skills.
  • Various activities that are undertaken in preschool such as running, climbing, art and craft help develop fine and gross motor skills.

Albert Einstein once said ‘Play is the highest form of research’ as children learn a lot through exploration and experimentation. These positive experiences nurture natural curiosity in young minds which are essential for their growth and development. 

When children get a positive learning experience and an emotionally supportive environment it has a positive effect on their development and they do better academically and personally.

Putting your child in the best Pune CBSE School will help them in learning faster and grow more holistically. Providing them access to the best Nursery School in your area will explore their senses, interact with peers, gain valuable life lessons and build a strong foundation for the rest of their lives.

Here are a few things that every parent should check in a Nursery School Near me

  • As per Pune CBSE School Learning shouldn’t be confine within the four walls of a classroom. It should be linked to the real world where they can learn and grasp lessons in a better way.
  • Check if the preschool focuses on development of Emotional Quotient (EQ) along with Intelligence Quotient (IQ) which is the ability to manage emotions. Poor EQ can result in aggression, anxiety, depression, poor academic performance etc.
  • Check if the Nursery school provides an opportunity to children where they can unleash their creative energies as it inspires kids and keeps them engaged and also helps in their overall growth.
  • Preschool should provide Role playing activities to encourage learning and improvement of concentration and  imagination in kids.

Once you have done all your research in finding the best Nursery School Near me and have found one that you like, you need to prepare your child for their first day of Nursery or go back to Nursery after the pandemic. Here are a few tips by Pune CBSE School.

It can be hard to predict how your child will react to attending the first day at preschool. No matter how they react, remember that they will settle down into their new routine gradually.

Sending your child to school may seem a little daunting but there are plenty of ways that can make their transition easier.

Give them the opportunity to mingle

Let your child get into the habit of playing and mingling around with other children, sharing toys, etc which can be done by taking them to parks, malls, or making friends with other children’s parents and introducing them. 

Give them task

Give your child some preschooler-friendly tasks at home so that they adjust to the environment of preschool activities and gain confidence.

Free settling sessions

Check if a Nursery School Near me offers free settling-in sessions where they can explore their new environment with their parents. 

Tell them about Nursery

Prepare them by telling about their preschool in a positive way, which can help them to know that going to nursery is a good experience.

Be on Time

You can leave home early for preschool for a few days so that you both arrive at the school feeling calm and without the need for a mad rush and let your child settle stress-free. Be on time while picking as well so that they do not panic. 


Early learning plays an integral part in a child’s overall development and with all the information provided above you can choose the best preschool for your child and prepare him for his journey into the world.