Shoppable UGC: What Is It & How It Can Drive Sales?

User-generated content is the content created by consumers and posted on various social media platforms. Traditionally, brands would use expensive advertising methods and other marketing techniques. Until recently, UGC was discovered, which became a revolution in marketing. UGC has many purposes, but the main idea is to influence the audience by providing them with real-life experiences of their peers.

Brands have seen rapid growth in their sales as these first-hand experiences work as deciding factors for consumers. Haven’t we all found ourselves looking at product reviews before buying it? Well, this is similar. While marketers are leaving no stone unturned, shoppable UGC has become their latest discovery. 

So, what is Shoppable UGC? Read the blog further to find out.

What is Shoppable UGC?

You must be aware of the shoppable feeds, the new feature added on social media platforms. Within a few clicks, users can make easy purchases from the social media posts by brands. 

Shoppable UGC is also something similar. Instead of using their content, brands use posts created by their consumers. They upload the UGC on their business account and pin them with shoppable tags.

Brands no longer have to worry about creating and uploading new content every day. The Shoppable UGC has increased the conversion rates for brands with an improved social presence

Want to know how shoppable UGC can drive sales for brands? Keep reading.

How Can Shoppable UGC Drive Sales?

The Influence Of Real-life Experiences

Before making any purchase decisions online, we always ensure to check the reviews for the product. We go through at least five reviews until we conclude.  

We have also wished to see a picture of at least one of the reviewers using the product to know what it looks like in real life. Because we know, the product pictures uploaded by the brand have gone through the studio lights and many other filters to make it look presentable.

When brands upload shoppable UGC, they take the user out of that dilemma. They don’t have to search for reviews; they already have real-life experience in front of them, making the deciding time shorter. Causing lesser to no distractions and increasing the purchase chances.

Increasing Brand Awareness & Social Media Presence

Brands invest in models and click their pictures with high-resolution cameras to upload visually appealing content. But somehow, all the brands’ feeds end up looking the same. So, even if brands upload these pictures using perfect hashtags, users usually ignore them.

Things are different with user-generated content as its relatability essence grabs the users’ attention. When the users come across such posts, and they see that someone like them is using that product, they are more likely to stay and explore more with your brand, creating brand awareness.

Not just that, UGC encourages other customers to post for you. So, when more customers post for you, their followers will get to know about you and your social media presence, and they would want to engage with your brand. It will not just increase your social media presence, but all these factors will drive more sales for you.

Builds Brand Trust & Loyalty 

Building brand trust is crucial for any business if they want to drive sales. You want your customers to come back and make more purchases with you as a purchase by a new customer is one thing, but having multiple purchases by your old customers becomes the essence of brand trust and loyalty. 

With user-generated content, you can feel assured in that department. User-generated content is the epitome of building brand trust and loyalty. When a new customer visits your social media storefront and views posts with real customers using your products, these first-hand experiences create brand trust.

On the other hand, when you post pictures of your customers as shoppable posts, they become a part of your family and see your brand as a valuable asset and make more purchases with you. Hence, driving more sales.

Unique Content

The most promising essence of UGC is that different consumers create the content. Every customer is unique, and so is their way of perceiving and interpreting things. 

When you post user-generated content on your social media storefront, you will not just receive new content, but every content will be unique in its way. Which will impress your visitors, and you won’t have to worry about content creation. 

Not just that, each customer will have their way of using your product, giving your potential customers new ideas on how they can utilize your product. All these factors will contribute to an increase in sales.

Creating An Impression On Consumers

The good thing about shoppable UGC is that it will not only influence your potential customers to buy your products, but it will also encourage your customers to make posts for you.

People love using social media, and they love it when they have the spotlight. When you upload user-generated content by your customers, they get impressed when you upload their posts over hiring professional models. You are indirectly complicating them.

Not just that, when your other customers will see how much importance you give to your customers and their posts by uploading them with shoppable tags, they will also get encouraged to post for you.

Over To You

We come to the end of this blog where you got to know about the newly discovered Shoppable user-generated content and how brands can use it to drive sales. 

UGC has become so beneficial for brands that they don’t worry about creating new content every day, as their customers do it for free. 

The idea is to make the most of this marketing strategy, as it is here to stay!