Small Business Ideas in the Philippines – Where to Start?

Small business ideas come in all shapes and sizes in the small island country of the Philippines. In the Philippines, you will find so many lucrative small business ideas to launch. In this article, you will be introduced to the Philippines’ top 10 most promising small business ideas in the Philippines.

Small Business Ideas in the Philippines

In the Philippines, there are so many opportunities for starting a business. You can seek all sorts of available and lucrative business ideas for starting a business in the Philippines.

Ice Cream Business

The ice cream industry is fast rising in the Philippines. Many small business ideas in the Philippines would suit your interest and potential for earning a good income. 

It is possible to earn a decent starting salary as an ice cream vendor in a few hours from home. If you have that entrepreneurial spirit, then maybe you can take another step further and establish your own ice cream business.

Food Business

One of the most profitable small business ideas in the Philippines is its food industry. There are more than a hundred different types of Filipino foods. If you like cooking, maybe starting a food business is one of your best small business ideas in the Philippines and the world. 

You don’t have to worry, though, as the government is encouraging the development of the food industry in the Philippines, so there will be lots of opportunities for you.

E-loading Business

E-loading business is also a viable business idea. The word “e-loading” says that the business revolves around loading or unloading huge amounts of items from one location to another. 

Many businesses in the Philippines have become successful due to their e-loading business. Perhaps the most famous example of these businesses is the ice cream company Fruits in Manila. The store sells frozen yogurt, sorbet, chocolates, and other sweet treats sold in big bags, which can be delivered anywhere using delivery services.

Art and Craft

There are also many opportunities for people with low capital but creative minds. The art and craft industry in the Philippines is growing very fast. If you are an artist, a painter, or an artisan, starting a business in this industry is one of the easiest businesses you can have. 

As long as you have a creative mind and a good artistic talent, then selling handcrafted products is one of the easiest businesses to start and make a profit out of it – even if you do not have a lot of money to start with.

Work at Home

Another small capital business idea you may want to consider in the Philippines is starting a home-based job. Many people want to earn more money at home but have problems because they do not have enough capital to start up their own business. 

If you are having problems starting your own business, the Internet is the solution to it – many sites offer work-at-home jobs.

Renting an Apartment

Renting an apartment is also one of the most common small business ideas for the Philippines, which has unlimited potential to make money. This is very convenient to stay in because the rent rate is not too high compared to other parts of the country. 

Many business entrepreneurs in Mindanao rent an apartment based on weekly, monthly, or annual rents. However, they can set up a complicated business that will allow them to earn more profit. This could be setting up a grocery or a cafe where tourists can pay for their food and supplies.

Sari-Sari Store

Another great business idea for the Philippines would be starting a sari-sari store. You can start this type of store anywhere in your area – starting from the posh malls to the slums of Manila. 

But of course, like any other business, starting a sari-sari store also has its share of challenges. You need to make sure that you have enough supplies to open your store and that you will withstand the demand of customers for these products. 

If you think you can do the things mentioned above, then maybe starting a sari-sari store is a great business idea for you.

Day Care Center

Another popular business idea for the Philippines is starting a small capital business like starting a daycare center. It is a very good idea if you can start a business with small capital. 

The government provides a lot of funds for child care centers, and if the said child care center has been established with enough children, it can be profitable. 

Starting a daycare center requires many start-up costs, but if it is properly run with qualified and trustworthy employees, it can be a very big business for you.

Refilling Station Business

Another business idea in the Philippines is in the water refilling station business. If you have sufficient knowledge about the filtration system in your area, then it would be very easy for you to start a business in this line. 

You need to have an unlimited water supply to start this type of business. It is a small capital business, but people who can work with their hands and use their feet can do this kind of job.

Small Restaurant

Aside from this, you can also try your luck in opening a small restaurant. There are many restaurants in different places in the Philippines, but you need to make sure that you are opening a very high restaurant. 

There are so many restaurants that don’t have the best quality, so you need to be very careful when choosing where to open your restaurant. Aside from this, you need to know the basic food and ingredients to waste your time learning how to cook. 

Aside from this, if you are starting a restaurant, you have to invest in many things such as supplies, furniture, and materials. The start-up cost of a restaurant in the Philippines can be as low as PHP 5,000.


What is the best business to start in the Philippines?

Many businesses start in the Philippines, but food businesses, sari-sari stores, and refilling stations are the best businesses to start in the Philippines.

What business can I start with 5000?

You can start many business ideas with as little as $5000. You can start your venture without borrowing any money.

Examples of businesses I can start with 5000 capital are the ice cream business and a small restaurant.

What is the cheapest franchise to open in the Philippines?

Are you finally able to afford the capital necessary for your business but don’t know what to do next? Perhaps franchising is the right choice for you. You can start an Ice Cream and Food Cart Business.


You can find small business ideas for the Philippines that are right for you. What businesses made it to the top ten most successful small business ideas? You can become your boss with creativity and strategy, even if you have very little capital.