42 Small Business Ideas you can try in 2021

Nowadays younger generation is running to find something new and especially wanting to become entrepreneurs. They have a power and energy which is the key for them opening the hidden doors to success.

Here I come with 38 best small business ideas in India that would help people to explore something new one.


If you want to earn a good income then starting a gift store can be a good business idea for you.

You have to come up with a niche. Means you have to decide before starting a business that what kind of products you are going to sell. For example, candles, souvenirs, bridal, clothing and so on.

And yes, do a market research it will give you an idea of profitable products and unprofitable products if you want to run your own store.

By the way there is a great demand for buying wedding gifts, birthday gifts these days so go for it, it will cost you around $10000 to start a small gift store.

If your business giving you a handsome profit then keep expansion opportunities in your pocket, it will give you more.


If you are creative and good at designing then interior designing business is best for you.

Today everybody wants their home luxury and when you go out and see so many buildings and beautiful houses.

Even you also want your home to be a lovely one.

Interior designer gives your home a beauty which makes your feel wow.

So if you have entrepreneurship skills and access to decent financial resources, you can start your interior design firm or consultancy service. Other than that one may also design and sell their own interior decoration and utility products.

With rapidly shrinking residential and commercial space, people are looking for professionals who can make their homes and working space comfortable, beautiful and functional.

Interior designers are growing as people put great emphasis on the design and layout of their living or working space.


Who is Wedding Planner?

A wedding planner is an expert who manages your day of celebration. He plans and organizes the day that you have dreamt for.

What actually a wedding planning is?

As word it self says that it is all about planning a wedding that makes your client day memorable and beautiful.

Wedding planning  is all about creating and designing a memorable wedding day that reflects you and your fiance.

You have to give attention to your client’s guest and food as well.


Moreover, don’t try to please anyone.

Make sure you like your suppliers.

Be organised but don’t rush.

Listen to advice and ask questions.

Don’t stress! Enjoy the experience!


Learning is Earning!

If you can’t learn then you can’t earn.

You must have heard this quote or saying that TEACH MORE TO PREACH MORE.

The main concern of every parents is whether their child would become successful or not.

And this is the mentality of every parents that without education their child cannot become successful in life whereas this is not 100% true. Today we have plethora of examples of millionaires who were expelled from the college or dropouts and of course some of them were poor.

The richest man of the world Bill Gates have said that if you were born in a poor family that is not your mistake but if you die poor this is your mistake.

So if you have good knowledge of any particulars streams or subjects then this is a good option for you.

Their are so many start ups are taking place and many of them required guidance of how to open a start up. So you can also become a business coach if you are have excellent business world knowledge.

As this world is technology world like you have online platforms and sites where you can provide coaching and YouTube is one of them.

So go with it if you are good at something. It won’t need any money but can give you a handsome money.


Pencils, Pens, Rubbers, Gift Wraps, Notes, Cards and the like are all parts of what you see in a stationery shop. You can even add books and magazines to make your store stocked.

There are millions of students all over the world who definitely needs these items for their school and college purpose.

And one more important thing that it is 12 months business. It is not depends on seasons.

How much does it cost you to start a stationery business?

It depends on you, you can even start this business under 50$ and now you have to decide how many items you want to put in your shop and where you want your should be.

If you don’t have enough money to start a big stationery business then start with small. Start selling basic things like pens, pencils, note books and the like.


Grocery store is a need of every one. Without it you can’t lead your life. Whatever you eat whether in a house or in a restaurant they all depends on grocery shop.

What is grocery shop?

A grocery store provide or supply foods and domestic supplies like oils, wheat flour, rice, pulses, and so on.

How you can open the Grocery Store?

  • Come up with the where people usually go for a shopping or a crowded place.
  • Open a shop on main road or where you think it will work well.
  • Beautify your shop means select how your shop should looks like.
  • And most important step is choosing a supplier whom you can trust.


These days everyone want food and who can’t afford expensive restaurant choose some small food stalls or any restaurant which is not expensive. People have become foodie and many of us don’t like home-cooked food (especially when cooked disliked food). So, If you are good at making food which you think people love it then you can try this and It has potential to make you rich.


Mobile is a must in today’s busy life therefore a mobile recharging shop can help you get some good earnings with a small investment.


Jewelry is at an all-time demand and with increasing prices of gold, jewelry making is a good option for you.


Book lovers would love to visit your store that would be your great achievement.


Yoga is becoming popular nowadays starting a yoga institute with good trainers would require a small investment but give you big profits.


Well, at any event photography is the only way to captivate the sweet moments.

Freelancers are on high demand and it can be golden opportunity for you.

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Home or offices computers are operated everywhere so why not start a computer store that’s the smartest option among the best small business ideas in india.


Getting the right security would make life more beautiful. So you can start a security or detective agency at an ease.


Buying and selling a home is a common thing today.

Being a real estate agent or consultant you can earn good money providing proper services


Who doesn’t love to travel. A travel agency  would be killer idea if you are confident enough to organize  tours efficiently.

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Today moms face problems to manage their tots. Handling it in a professional way would help you to realize  how good it works.


People would always become foodie when you serve  the lip-smacking dishes.

A catering store can help you to make good profits in the long-term.


Students are always in search of xerox shops. We know that simple to start. We need a Xerox machine and some other things to start your business.


Both men and women today are always looking out for some workout sessions.

Gyms are the best way to get good business for sure.


You may be a web designer, web developer or an SEO expert. You can easily start your freelancing business via the websites revealing the real meaning of the best small business ideas in india.

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Parents today have become crazy to get their kids basic computer training. An institute with perfect set up can become beneficial for you.


New generation today is really crazy to go for exciting games. Go with your game parlor earning good profits.


Today people depend on courier agencies delivery personal items to right addresses.

Either you can merge your company with an existing one or you can get your own.


Everyone today wants to get good job. You can easily tie up with some MNCs running your recruitment firm.


Are you capable of generating good content?

If yes, then you can start an online blog earning a handsome income.

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If you are specialised in something and you are good at speaking or your communication is good then I think you can choose this option as this has lots of potential you might even think of.


It is an evergreen business and once you start this you don’t have to look back.

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Make some good arrangements for hungry people. People today feel it easy to buy fast foods and you can run your fast food parlor getting huge profits.


We all the resume is the face of your career. So right now providing professional resume writing services  is on high demand.


As a business person every entrepreneur wants to get more traffic online. So as an SEO expert you can begin your business.


It’s a big opportunity to start your business  with data entry services  and easy to do with higher earnings.


Antiques today are of high demand. You have a great chance to earn good income starting your own curio shop.


Have you worked for an IT company?


Then this one is the best option for you.


Buying resale cars today comes out as a common concept. So you can open your own showroom with resale bikes and cars.


Can you speak well?

If yes.

Then you can become a motivational speaker and earn a good income.


After a busy day schedule relaxation is quite a good option one needs. If you are skilled enough you can go for this option.


If you have good man power you can think about this.


If you good marketing skills you can easily convince people by running a good insurance consultant agency.


Sweet is must for any type of event so why not go for this excellent idea.


Man-power is main requirement here if you have that go ahead confidently.

Note: I have put very short details for many business ideas above just to give a hint that you can choose it. Because 10 years boy or girl hardly look for such article on Internet so obviously you are 20+ and giving you a hint is enough.

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