Some Basics You Need To Know Before Start Tree Pruning

It is very important to collect the important knowledge before starting implementing the tree pruning technique. Before starting implementing the pruning practices, you should make sure that there is no specific type of techniques required for the specific tree.

Some of the tree types such as fruit trees or flowering trees should be pruned after blooming. In addition to this, most evergreen trees do not need excessive trimming. You just need to remove the dead and unwanted part of the tree.

Reason For Tree Pruning

Before you start implementing the pruning technique, you should know the main reason for implementing these techniques. It is a good idea to trim your regular habit so that trees can grow healthy and large.

Most people think that pruning and trimming practices are required after the storm when the damaged trees are a poisoning hazard to life and property. The trimming and pruning technique is not required after the storm. But there are various other situations when these techniques are required.

You should consider implementing the pruning technique every year to get rid of damaged, decayed, diseased, and overgrown branches of the tree. This technique helps in encouraging the production of flowers and fruits. It will ensure better airflow in the tree, increase fruit production, prevent tree diseases, and shape the tree.

Right Time For Pruning Trees

You should prune the trees during the dormant season of the year. Usually, the best time for pruning is the time during the winter season. You should get rid of the unwanted branches during the winter season. Implementing the pruning and trimming technique will help in reducing the risk of diseases and pest infestation in open wounds of trees.

The pruning technique before the spring season will help in promoting good health and the new growth of trees. If you are living in a harsh climatic region, then you should wait for the passing of the extremely cold winter season. The best time for implementing the pruning technique in the late winter or early spring.

On the other hand, if you are living in a mild climatic region, then you can easily trim a tree anytime during the dormant/winter season. It is recommended to take the help of professionals such as tree pruning Sydney contractors for tree pruning. 

Necessary Tree Trimming Tools  

You should use good-quality tools for the trimming of the tree. It is very important to choose good quality tools to ensure the good health of trees. In addition to this, you should also make sure that trimming and pruning tools are sharp and clean. The dull tools will not help in trimming and pruning. But they will just damage your trees. Some of the tools that you need for tree trimming are: Pole saw attachment, Loppers, Hand pruners, Safety glasses, and other safety devices.

Appropriate Tree Pruning Techniques 

It is very much important to implement tree pruning properly. Sometimes, even a small bad cut can lead to the bad health of trees. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the right techniques for trimming and pruning trees. So before you start, it’s important to understand exactly how to trim a tree. Once you have removed the branches of the tree properly, then wounds will callus. The formation of callus is important to protect the tree from various problems such as rotting.

Tips To Properly Trim Branches Of Tree 

1.Find The Location Of Branch Collar

You should find the location of the collar before implementing the pruning and trimming techniques. Once you have selected the limb that you want to remove than the first step is locating the branch collar of the tree.

The branch collar is that section of the tree from which the branch is coming out. On some trees, it is easy to locate a branch. On the other hand, it is very difficult to locate others. You should cut outside of the branch collar so that the wound starts healing properly.

2.Make Cut In Downward Angle

While trimming or pruning the tree, it is very important to make cuts in a downward direction. It is very important so that water does not accumulate in the wound. If water starts going inside the wound continuously, then it will lead to the rotting of the tree.

3.Never Cut Upward growing Branches

The most common mistake while pruning a tree is removing those branches which are growing in an upward direction. If you will prune those which are growing upward, then water can easily settle on the wound. Thus, it will lead to rotting on the tree over time.

4.Avoid Pruning Too Long Branches

 While removing the branches of the tree, you should make sure that you do not leave a very long stub. If a very long stub will be left on the tree, then it will make it very difficult for the tree to form callus.