Surprise Your Lady Love With The Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring!

When it comes to choosing engagement ring stones, there are a variety of options and a lot to consider. Getting engaged with someone is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, and individuals wish to make it memorable. Investing in a moissanite or diamond ring is a personal choice, but both of them have their own properties, which make them unique, elegant, and extraordinary. Diving in the moissanite vs diamond debate, let us look at the main factors that differentiate both of them.

Which one is more beautiful?

While investing in exquisite quality engagement rings, minute attention is given to their beauty and design. Since it is a known fact that moissanite is a convincing diamond simulant, but there are specific other techniques that determine if a diamond is more durable than moissanite or not, such as: 


Diamond is a well-known hardest material among other substances, and only a diamond can scratch or cut another diamond. On the other hand, moissanite is considered to be the second hardest material after diamond and has the capability to stand by the hardness and toughness of a diamond. 


Manufacturers selling moissanite claim it to be tougher than diamond, whereas diamond manufacturers claim otherwise. However, several features of moissanite suggest that it is more durable and tough as compared to other gemstones. 

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Is moissanite better than Diamond when comparing their budget and size?

Cost is a significant factor that plays a vital role while choosing an engagement ring. While comparing moissanite and diamond rings, moissanite is a lot cheaper than diamond and is extremely beneficial for individuals looking to buy replicas of a diamond at a cheaper price. On the other hand, the fashion-specific individuals who depict a regality through their clothing, jewellery, and lifestyle choose to go for diamond engagement rings and nothing else. 

Moissanite is such a cost-saving gemstone that you can get a stone the size of a 1 carat Diamond within the range of $1000. From this, you can have a clear picture of how big a ring you wish to give to your lady love and how much you can spend on that particular oval moissanite engagement ring

Naturally originating or lab-made products?

Certain strata of individuals prefer diamonds due to their tradition, prestige, or natural occurrence, whereas others go for moissanite due to its sustainability or ethical reasons. People opting for moissanite rings can get the aesthetics they desire at a cheaper price. However, individuals looking to buy exquisitely designed diamond wedding bands can explore the wide variety in the market.