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Working from home has become the standard for many of us, and although there are several advantages to not having to go into the office, there are also some disadvantages. Disturbances as well as other distractions like the noisy stove, internet content gluttony, and short naps can hinder us from being as innovative and effective as we could have been. It is thus critical to have a dedicated workstation and adorn it with relaxing plants and pots.

Either you work at home or in a public office environment, being surrounded by nature may help you relax. This creates a more pleasant mental environment, allowing you to be more productive. Purchasing your first plant might be daunting. Well, let us go ahead and select the cherries for you. Below is a list of the most popular 8 plants to redecorate your work desks and rooms. Purchasing your first plant might be daunting. So let us go ahead and select the greens online for you. keep reading to find out more about more plants and work on how to be ideal plant parents while working from home but will also look great in your office. 

Jade Plant:

The Jade Plant holds a lot of moisture in its leaves thanks to its strong branches and shiny foliage. Feed it direct sunlight and hydrate it only when the ground seems dry. As a result, it can go for even more than a month without any intense care. 

However, take care not to water it more than the amount necessary.

Aloe vera:

Plants like Aloe Vera have been utilized for therapeutic purposes for millennia. Both your health and your skin will benefit from the sap. Give your aloe a nice bath every week or two for optimal development and make it your favorite desk plant, as it prefers indirect light.


Topiaries have gained in popularity because to the small amount of effort required to maintain them. They can be grown on wireframes, making topiary accessible to anybody. Any form, including conventional lollipops, wreaths, cones, balls, and baskets, can be grown. As long as they’re on the wire, they basically look for themselves. Keep them in a well-lit location because these plans require a lot of light. 

Crown of Thorns:

These plants have low to moderate watering requirements. Flush with red or yellow bracts around its small flowers, the Crown of Thorns can bloom year-round. They require direct sunlight for optimal growth. They can produce prickers but it’s not dangerous in any way. These succulents can go a long time without water up to 1 or 2 weeks and even then, it produces beautiful blooms year-round.


Picking them out is a lot of fun because there are so many different colours and sizes to choose from. They want a warm environment with plenty of sunlight but minimal water.

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