The Official iCloud Bypass Process

What does unlock a locked iCloud?

It is a common reason that an iCloud user will face the iCloud locked issue. Because of the security measures taken to secure the iCloud, the iCloud account might get locked. The user’s misbehavior totally gets the iCloud locked. The users have to use the iCloud properly to get out the results from it. Otherwise, the iCloud account tries to get locked. If the users are facing the iCloud locked issue, it should get unlocked first. Without unlocking the locked iCloud, it cannot use further. If you do not have a system to use in unlocking a locked iCloud account, use the iCloud Bypass

Through the iCloud Bypass method, the users can get the locked iCloud account back. The iCloud Unlock is a simple method that quickly unlocks any locked iCloud. The user can complete the whole procedure within minutes and have results. But, if the user’s used details do not belong to the locked iCloud, you will fail to have the Bypass. So, do as mentioned on the system, and get the iCloud back with the official bypassing system. Intending to give a straightforward interface and procedure to the users, the system has guidelines to show the flow. By growing through the guidelines, the users can finish the system of iCloud Unlock correctly. 

iCloud Bypass

How does the iCloud Bypass unlock a locked iCloud?

To have Bypass through the iCloud Bypass system, the users should use the IMEI number of the iDevice. Without the IMEI details of the iOS device, the users cannot complete bypassing an iCloud account. So, have the IMEI number from your iOS device and get started with the iCloud Bypass. 

To have an IMEI number, you do not have to worry much. The iDevices are reacting in two ways when the iCloud account gets locked. First, if the Apple device security gets connected with Cloud through the Find My iDevice, the iDevice might get locked. So if you have either an active iDevice or not, have the IMEI details as this. 

You can have the IMEI number from your active iOS device by, 

  • Dial 1*#06# 
  • Settings -> General -> IMEI number.

You can have the IMEI number from the locked iOS device by, 

  • Tap the lock screen “i” icon on the right-hand side down corner.

If you have a desktop to operate the Bypass, you can begin with the iCloud Unlock system. It has only a few steps to complete in unlocking the locked iCloud account. 


  • Connect your iCloud-locked iOS device with the desktop using its USB cable. 
  • Access the iCloud Bypass through the desktop having a stable internet connection.
  • Choose the iOS device model from the models on the new window. 
  • Insert the IMEI number into the shared space of the system.
  • Click on the “Unlock Now” button. 

Through this procedure, the users can have the iCloud unlocked. Then, from the confirmation email sent by the service, the users can confirm the Bypass of the iCloud account. 

It only takes a few minutes to finish Bypass. After that, you have to use all details that are related to the locked iCloud account. Otherwise, you cannot have the iCloud unlocked. Those who have the iCloud locked issue through any iOS device can unlock the iCloud account through the system. 

If you are having the iDevice locked issue arise with the iCloud locked issue, it will automatically solve the system. At the end of the iCloud Unlock Bypass system, the locked iCloud will automatically get unlocked. So when the iDevice gets unlocked permanently, it will not get locked due to any reason.

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When the iCloud accounts get locked?

The iCloud accounts are quite different from other cloud computing facilities. The users who are having an iCloud have an activation lock. Without the activation lock details, the users cannot access an iCloud. The iCloud locked issue comes up when the user does not use the Apple ID and the password while logging in to it. 

The Apple ID and the password are different from each iCloud activation lock. Apple uses the secured method in giving access to use the activation lock. Once a particular user uses an activation lock detail, it cannot get used by another person. 

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So, the iCloud gets locked for these reasons. 

  • If the user does not have the Apple ID and the password, the iCloud account gets locked. 
  • If the purchased iOS device was not reset before, the iCloud on it gets locked while resetting by the new user. 
  • Accessing an iCloud using wrong details through another device also receives the iCloud locked. 

If the users face one of these troubles and cannot reaccess the iCloud, the users can go through the iCloud Bypass. 

The Conclusion

The iCloud Bypass is a method that can apply to the latest iOS versions. So, the iCloud locked issue can unlock through the Bypass no matter what the condition is. If you are willing to have a secured Bypass to the locked iCloud account, use the iCloud Bypass and succeed in accessing the iCloud account.