The Power of Chair Yoga For Seniors

Do you think chair yoga is of no benefit? Well, think again. In this article, you’ll read about the power and significance of chair yoga for seniors, office goers, or people who cannot practice normal yoga. The best thing is that all you need is a chair. A chair acts as a perfect prop that enhances as well as supports your yoga practice.

Who Can Practice Chair Yoga?
  • Senior citizens with limited limbs’ mobility
  • People with disability
  • People who are in a wheelchair
  • Patients recovering from injury
  • Pregnant women
  • Person with a desk job

As you can see, people from various backgrounds can practice chair yoga for seniors.

Some Tips to Practice Chair Yoga For Seniors

  1. Practice various yoga breathing exercises for beginners to calm your mind and body.
  2. Place something soft under your hips if your chair is hard
  3. Make some space around your chair if you are sitting in a congested area.
  4. Focus on the mindful movement of your body.
  5. Make sure your chair does not move while practicing yoga.

Basic Poses of Chair Yoga

Here are some basic poses of chair yoga for seniors or beginners. Give them a try for an easy approach to yoga practice. Read on.

Spinal Twist

Having pain in your back due to sitting for long hours? If yes, try the Spinal Twist pose. Straighten up your spine if you were sitting sluggishly. Without moving your legs, turn to your one side and get hold of the chair. Stay in the position for some time and then turn to the other side.

This twists your spine and its connecting muscles. Moreover, it gives a gentle massage to your stomach and obliques. Make sure you breathe comfortably while practicing this pose.

Ankle Stretch

Sitting for too long makes your joints stiff. More than that, it puts loads of pressure on your knees and ankles. Therefore, you cannot neglect the smaller joints in your ankles. For that matter, what you can do is stretch your ankles.

You can either practice stretching your toes up and down or rotate your feet in both directions. Doing this simple stretching exercise increases the blood flow in your ankles. Apart from working on your ankles, it stretches your calves and thighs as well.

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Four Figure Hip Stretch

Sitting tightens your hips and hamstrings. Thus, for easy movement, you should stretch these muscles. Four Figure is one the best poses of chair yoga for seniors beginners you should inculcate in your routine.

Place both your feet flat on the ground. Raise one leg, fold it, and place it on top of the other. Bend slightly forward while keeping your spine straight. Repeat the same on the other leg. It ensures you have loose leg muscles.

Goddess Pose

Your groin is always stressed and congested while sitting. Thus, to improve flow to that area, the Goddess pose is perfect for you. Moreover, it opens up the inner thighs and hip muscles.

All you have to do is place your feet as wide as possible while sitting on the chair. Make sure your whole feet are placed flat on the ground. Keep your back straight but not stiff and position your hands on your thighs. If this feels uncomfortable, roll a little further in your chair. That will offer you more mobility and range of motion.

Rag Doll

Want to stretch and loosen your spine and shoulders while sitting in a chair? You should definitely give Rag Doll pose a try. To do this pose, shift to the front of the chair. Keep your feet on the ground with feet shoulder-width apart.

Bend over to place your weight on your thighs. This will round off your back and help you completely shift your weight to your legs. It relieves tension built up in your back by sitting for long hours. Moreover, people having desk jobs should make it a part of their routines because of its numerous benefits.

Wrap Up

Chair yoga is a perfect way to start your yoga practice even if you have been through a lot worse in life. Moreover, its ability to help people having a physical disability practice yoga makes it one of the best yoga forms. Just keep the above-given tips in mind while practicing chair yoga for seniors beginners. Rest will fall in place. Be consistent with your practice for the best results.