The reasons of using Microsoft teams at the earliest

Teamwork along with collaboration is the major features of a modern day organization. Ever since its launch Microsoft teams is one of the fastest growing apps. Nearly 330,000 companies worldwide have gone on to opt for MS teams user adoption. If you happen to be working in one of the companies then you need to figure out ways to be using the app. But if this is not the case there are various reasons why you need to be considering using the app

No longer has it restricted itself to a chat feature

By relying on the chat features in teams it is possible to have a timely conversation with your colleagues. But there exists a lot more things on offer. If there is a need to be sharing a file you need to attach it in chat. Then you can simply call or video call the colleague. If there is chat integration with other type of Microsoft products there is no longer any need to switch between apps. Everything is part of the chart.

During the after the meetings are over

Making each and everything ready for a meeting is a challenge in itself. An agenda is a single mail in itself as there is an agreed set of actions in another. There is nothing to review before you go on to make a call. Automate Microsoft teams creation is going to make the task a tinge easier. The moment you go on to develop a meeting; it is possible to chat with participants across the agenda. It is easier to detect the number of unknown people who have been invited.

On the same tab the recording of the call is available, so if you went on to miss the meeting there is no need to look for the recording.

Fewer emails

A glance at an email would be a thing of the past. Since the conversation across your teams occurs in a structural form there is no longer any need to wait for an email response as you need to avail the option of reply all. If someone needs to ask you a question or sends a  one liner question, this is what a chat is all about.

Improves communication and collaboration

A lot of credit centres around the office 365 integration, when you are collaborating on the document you might have to switch apps. It is possible to develop the word, excel or power point team in excel as you can share it with a co- worker and within the blink of an eye you might co – author. It is possible to dish out various versions with the resultant variation confusion.

The best feature of Microsoft teams is that you tend to be connected anytime or anywhere in the world. When you are having the team phone app, there is an access to all the apps along with documents. It is possible to be responding to chats along with conversations as you can join meeting with a single click.