Things to do in Waco, TX

Waco woman reads on bank of river

Waco is one of the best cities in Texas with a rich history. There are many attractions you can get in the city like sports, education, social events and trendy bars. 

When people think of moving to a city, it is due to many reasons which include a job change, finding better living conditions and family reasons. 

This article will talk about what you should expect in Waco, reasons to move to the city and things to do in Waco, TX.

Things to Expect When moving to Waco, TX

Moving to a new place isn’t an easy decision, however, planning is important to have stress-filled movement. Waco Movers help people move easily to Waco, TX quickly and at good rates. 

When moving to  Waco, people should be informed about things that will confront them there, here are some things to expect in Waco:

Low Taxes

Waco has one of the lowest tax collections in Texas. There are many companies there and the local taxes there are very low. This allows the living to be cheaper and more sustainable than in other areas.

Houses are affordable

If real estate is your forte or you are interested in buying up a house, Waco will be a good place to move. Whether you are seeking a small apartment, self-con or flats to rent, they are all affordable. Even their hotel and motel rooms are cheap for those who want somewhere to stay before getting a house.

Huge traffic

You should expect to experience some traffic in Waco which is common in other cities in Texas. This traffic is usually bad around 8-11 in the morning and 5-8 in the evening. You would have to plan early on your movement if you want to escape this traffic. Alternatively, you could use the train stations to ease your movement around the city.

Living conditions are favorable

Waco has one of the cheapest living options in Texas. The foods are affordable and there are jobs available for skilled and unskilled workers. Bills are also on the low side as electricity bills and water bills are affordable. The city has the lowest crime rate in the city, and it is one of the best places to stay in Texas. 

Notable places to visit in Waco

When visiting a city like Waco, TX, you should visit these places when you get there. 

Visit the Waco Mammoth national monument

This is a popular Monument you can visit when you are free in Waco. It has a very deep history and has the largest collection of mammoth nursery herds. Aside from the mammoth that can be found there, you can find lots of large cats and camels. 

Go to the Armstrong Browning Library

For those who love reading about different disciples, either as a historian, teacher or student, going to the library is a good decision. This educational site is a gem set up to accommodate people who love to study quietly. The administrators of this library set up an exhibit thrice-yearly which features artworks and book collections dating back to 1800.

vintage things which include housewares, gifts, home decor, and pet items amongst others.

Take a walk to the Magnolia Market

The Magnolia Market is one of the best places you can go to in Waco. This is a top place to visit in Waco because of the side attractions like culture and music. This Magnolia market in silos was created by Chip and Joanna Gaines. This is a public space with a unique concept to accommodate many people irrespective of their wants. There are many products to buy from this place which include accessories, building materials, car parts and home decor.

Waco Downtown Farmers Market

When visiting Waco in Texas, the Waco farmers market should be on your bucket list. This market provides locals and tourists with good products and many offerings. This offering includes alcoholic drinks, cheese, artworks, plants, gourmet treats and many more. As you move around the store, you will be treated to nice music. The market has hundreds of stalls where you can get something to enjoy close to the Mclane Stadium and Brazos River.

Why should you visit Waco, TX? 

If you want to move to Waco, here are some reasons why this is a great decision :

A great place for Music lovers 

Waco is a city where you get to enjoy lots of music from various countries. There is live music available in clubs, bars and restaurants. You can relax at the parks and listen to top artists playing live bands. 

Arts and Culture 

Waco is home to many art galleries, sculptures and galleries. The history of the city is huge and you can visit the Museums or top monuments in the city to have a fill of the richness of their culture. 

Ranch tradition and Rodeos 

If there is something Waco and Texas cities are known for, it’s their deep love for ranches. You will find many places where cattle are raised using modern technology. 


Waco is a place to consider when moving to a new city because it comes with lots of attractions. Living in Waco can be one of the best things that can happen to you, if you have the right information. There are many exciting places to visit and the living conditions are great.