Everything You Should Know About A Roofing Software

Everything You Should Know About A Roofing Software

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In today’s time, every business understands the importance of deploying the right kind of tech tools. As you browse through the internet searching what are the best IT tools for supporting the operational processes of a roofing business, you must have come across tools like roofing CRM software, roofing business software, etc. This blog intends to explain everything you should know about this software suite. 


What is roofing CRM software?


CRM software is a cloud-based software suite that empowers a roofing business to manage the service requests of its clientele in a digitized way. This kind of software covers every aspect of service delivery. Starting from lead capturing, managing the service request, task scheduling, tracking the workflow, invoice and payment, client engagement and much more can be executed using one single roofing software. 


This has made this software suite quite popular among businesses that operate through field services. These are basically ready-to-deploy field service management software that can be customized to meet the specific requirements of a business. The important point to mention here is the automation capabilities of this software. Roofing business software is a must-have at the current times because it facilitates the automation of field operations. 


Today, automation is one of the key field service trends as it helps in eliminating the redundant tasks from the field operations thus enabling the field to focus on core tasks and deliver services in an outstanding manner. Field automation reduces productivity leaks, improves the efficiency of the field workforce, controls overhead expenses, makes processes more transparent, and drives employees to be more accountable for their jobs, and as a result, the overall business performance improves.


The key features of a roofing business software


Matching tasks to skills: The biggest advantage of using roofing software is automated job scheduling. The software is a smart tool that can track the real-time locations of the field employees. Also it can run the database in real-time and keep a track of the pre-scheduled engagement log of each and every employee. Besides, it can quickly assess the skills required for rendering a requested service successfully. 


Combining all these pieces of information, in an automated way the software can identify who is the nearest available rightly skilled service-man for a job. Thus, using roofing software always ensures the right matching of tasks-to-skills, which improves first visit effectiveness. It ensures there are no scheduling conflicts and it also ensures that the job has been assigned to the nearest available service-man, who can reach the job site within minimum turnaround time.


Reduced productivity leaks: It is known to all that employees suffer from productivity leaks which in turn compromise their performances. By choosing the best roofing software you can help your employees overcome the challenge of productivity leaks. 


In field services, one of the major productivity leaks is the access gap between field employees and enterprise resources. For instance, an employee deploying on-site service may require some information like services history, price quotes or maybe he wants to check some tutorial guide. 


If he doesn’t have real-time access to the enterprise database then for accessing these pieces of information, he is required to connect with someone in the back office to put off the request for the data he needs. This makes his job dependent on someone else’s. Now if that other person makes a delay in providing him the information then that would be a kind of productivity leak for the field serviceman.


Roofing software comes with apps that can be installed on mobile phones. On-field employees can use these applications to directly access the enterprise knowledge base. This means they have real-time access to data; they don’t need to depend on anyone; from anywhere and anytime they can access the information they want and continue their work without facing any kind of gap. 


Not just that, using the mobile app of a roofing software the on-field employees can also access different enterprise self-service portals like applying for leaves, checking the leaves balance, applying for reimbursement claims, keeping track of the approval, all such self-services that are otherwise accessible being on office premises is now can be easily accessed from any remote locations using a roofing software.


Improvement in client experience: At the end of the day, it is all about satisfying your customers and giving them a pleasant experience so that they choose to select you over others. Roofing CRM software improves client experience in different ways. As mentioned above, it improves turnaround time by assigning the job to the nearest available serviceman. Also, it matches tasks to skills, and improves first visit effectiveness. 


The software can send automated updates to the client informing them about service updates like which serviceman will be attending them, at what time he will be coming. In fact, the software can send live route updates so that it can track the arrival of the servicemen on a real-time basis. All these are key factors to improve clients’ experience with your brand. 


Also checking the service history is a matter of a few clicks with roofing software. So for repeat clients, the service manager can always refer to the service history and check customers’ previous service feedback. Accordingly, he can reassign or choose not to reassign a particular service-man to that client. If a client has liked the work of a particular service-man in the past then assigning him to the same serviceman helps in building trust between the two


The final thought


For any business, it is important to keep innovating their operational processes and ways of conduct to stay competitive in the market. If your innovation strategy doesn’t include digitization and field automation then you need to once again go through your strategy. Field automation and process digitization are the new normal in the service industry. These are no more good-to-have aspects of a business rather these are must-have. So if you are looking for ways to implement field automation in your roofing business then roofing software is the easiest and the most cost-effective way to do it. These are ready-to-deploy software that requires little customization and you can instantly start using them.