Nine Things you Must Know Before Applying for a Scholarship

Financial assistance can go a long way for any student. It can save you from taking an education loan and keep you debt-free. It also provides you with a chance to network with institutions offering the grant and in some cases, secure an employment opportunity for themselves.

Some scholarships for international students also come with a mentoring program, another great perk for the recipient. 

Receiving a scholarship can provide a great sense of achievement to anyone. But there are some things that you must be aware of before you apply for a scholarship. Some of these include:

Find out if the scholarship comes with a bond:

A lot of scholarships come with a bond associated with them. This requires the recipient of the scholarship to work for the organization that provided the scholarship.

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Since every organization has different conditions, it is best to check them carefully before agreeing to them. 

Periodic review:

Renewal of an international school scholarship that you receive will most likely depend on a periodic review. This could be carried out every semester or every academic year throughout the program.

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Some sponsors also set a minimum CGPA that has to be maintained by the recipient to continue receiving the scholarship.

If you drop out:

In case you realize that the course is not for you and discontinue it, you will have to pay the sponsor whatever amount you have received up till the date of termination. 

Overall performance:

Not only does a recipient of a scholarship have to maintain good academic grades, but they also have to show exceptional behavior during the program. 

One scholarship at a time:

In case you get offers for multiple scholarships, you can only choose to accept one of those. 

Type of institution and course:

The institution and course that you choose will also affect the number of scholarships international students receive. Private institutions students usually get a higher amount than students studying in public institutions. 

Conditional scholarship:

In case you have received a conditional offer based on your forecasted result, know that the sponsor retains the right to withdraw the scholarship offer based on how much you scored. 

There’s always a second chance:

You should not lose hope if you did not make the cut for the scholarship. There are several other scholarships that undergraduates get offered in their first and second years.

You can always strive to do better academically and apply for more scholarships. 

Apply to several scholarships:

The more scholarships you apply to, the more proficient you will get at writing those applications and essays. It will also provide you with adequate experience for interviews in the future.

Apply to as many scholarships as you can and keep trying hard until you secure one.

Follow the above tips to stay a step ahead of other scholarship applicants. Being careful about these things will help you secure the best scholarship and make quality education possible without the burden of a hefty student loan. Wishing you the best!