Tips and Tricks to Build A Gothic Wardrobe

Gothic style goes back to the 18th century and 19th century with dark, antiquated, mysterious, and homogenous features that marked the style. Gothic fashion has become quite an inspiration for the other non-gothic styles.

How to identify Gothic fashion style

Gothic fashion is typically identified by darkness, mystery, smoky or dark makeup along with elegant wardrobe pieces. But don’t get surprised if you see any Goth not donning a black outfit. Gothic fashion style may also consist of dark or red lips, dark eyes, black fingernails, dark-coloured outfits, and dyed black hair.

Alternative fashion is just not limited to clothing only. If you do not plan to add a range of new alternative clothing to your wardrobe, and just want to try out how it feels like, you can add little gothic accessories or adopt some typically Gothic makeup. If you are not absolutely ready to try out women’s gothic clothing in public, some gothic blouses, gothic jackets for women or skirts will do the trick as well.

Here are a few simple ways to blend alternative style into your daily fashion.

Alternative Jewellery

Getting ready and accessorising with pieces of statement alternative jewellery is a great addition to your wardrobe and adds fun and quirk. It is also a teeny-weeny, subtle way to make people know what your preferences are like.

All you have to do is customise your look by adding quirky accessories to your outfits. You can start off with a little and slowly increase the number of accessories you are donning. If you are looking to buy some pewter rings, earrings, goblets or other decorative pieces to decorate your room, Jordash Clothing offers a varied range of options for you to choose from.

Hair Dye

The colour of your hair is something very basic, but the moment you do something to it, it becomes striking. Why don’t you plan doing something like that, bringing in a change of personality, with the change of the colour of your hair? And quite obviously, when you have your hair dyed in alternative, colourful hues you will slowly identify yourself with alternative/gothic fashion.

Steel blues to shocking pinks, aqua greens to pitch blacks and greys are alternative colours that you can dye your hair with. But do keep an eye what is the colour that is currently trending. Grey and steel grey are the most favourable and popular hair dye colours now.

Lacy or printed capes

Wearing capes are one of the simplest ways to accessorise your outfit, and are a great option if you would like to create a versatile look throughout the day! Whether you don it to attend a party after office, or throw it across your shoulders to fight the little, capes can add a little something to boost your style quotient. To emphasis the gothic elements in your outfit, you can try wearing a printed hooded cape.

Studded belts

Whether you’re sporting your favourite dress or skirt, belts can break the monotony of your dress. People don’t typically wear oversized, studded belts over their outfits, and so studded belts are a great way to add alternative element to your look.

While there are various types of belts available online as well as in the market, a studded belt will still be one of our favourite gothic accessories.

Chokers and wristbands

Choose to add a number of alternative wristbands and chokers to your newly constructed alternative look-book. They may not be gothic or visibly very dark, but just not the usual.

Chokers on the neck too are indispensable Gothic accessories, that you definitely like to wear and flaunt.

Backpacks and bags

Choose a piece of alternative fashion that you will carry around while you are on the go. How’s that? By carrying the Gothic bags and backpacks. The backpacks and bags of Jordash Clothing are sure to make you feel excited at their very first look.