10 Effective Tips To Build a Competitive Amazon Marketing Campaign

10 Effective Tips To Build a Competitive Amazon Marketing Campaign

Amazon is a very competitive place. Millions of sellers have a similar goal: to make it to the top-ranking products on search results to have more sales. There are indeed many sellers on Amazon, but there are millions of buyers too—and even more outside the platform could be your customers. 

To succeed, marketing campaigns play a huge role. This article will discuss digital marketing and the ten practical tips to build a competitive Amazon marketing campaign. These are as follows:

Know your audience 

Your customer research should occur even before you open your Amazon store and launch your products. Here are some of the things you can do to get to know your audience: 

Competitor check: Check your future competitors’ pages for customer comments and suggestions. Use these details during the product brainstorming stage. 

Talk to your customers: Knowing your audience can mean having conversations with them for a more personal immersion. 

Create surveys: You can also create surveys as a part of your research. Surveys are a good source of data and numbers you can use for analysis. 

Immersion: Put yourself in your customers’ shoes—experience using your product and see if you’ll be satisfied with it. Apply changes as necessary. 

Highlight your products’ value and benefits 

There will be no need for expensive marketing campaigns if you have products that sell themselves. If there is a high demand for what you sell and your products are of high quality, they will be irresistible. How can you sell products like this? By finding products that serve your audience. 

Some sellers begin by noticing what particular people need. They use this need as the inspiration to create products that will satisfy the market. If you already have a product in mind, pinpoint the benefits that your product brings to your audience and highlight these in your marketing campaigns. 

Go for Amazon A+ Content 

Amazon A+ Content is everything you see on your product listing made better. For instance, in a regular Amazon product listing, you can post photos of your products following the Amazon Product Images Guidelines. With A+ Content, you can create more appealing images because of the layout and the text information included in the photo. 

With A+ Content, you can add more details to your product description and bullet points that potential buyers can view. They may not find the need to research outside Amazon because the provided details are enough. 

A+ content sample: Guardian Athletic’s Featured Images

Photo Source

Pick a strong product representative for your store 

Maximize Amazon’s Sponsored Products and make the shot worth it by picking the most potent product in your store. 

Check your previous month’s data and see which products stand out. Invest in this product through Sponsored Products. Going for this strategy is better than endorsing products that do not have authority, exposure, or sales yet. 

Here are more strategies you can enact:

  1. Position your ad to new arrivals in your niche to provide buyers a choice from more popular sellers.
  2. Make your ads appear on listings with low ratings. With a higher rating, your product will appear as a better choice for buyers.
  3. Products that are more expensive than yours are also an opportunity. Your ad will catch viewers’ attention because of the lower price.
  4. Target listings where your products will serve as a complementary purchase. For instance, if you sell sports tumblers, you may want to target a listing on sports attire, equipment, and other sports-related items. Buyers may not originally plan to buy your tumbler but might do so because the option presents itself. 

5. Create unforgettable brand taglines and images 

Amazon’s Sponsored Brands is an opportunity for you to present your brand to your target audience. Level your campaign up by creating images that are not only informative, but unforgettable and heart-warming as well. 

For instance, say you are selling items for infants. Featuring your products on the images is a good idea. However, having a mother nurturing her child as a banner photo and a tagline about the connection between a mother and a child is better.

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Remember that thousands of sellers may offer the same product as you, and only your branding will make you stand out. Show something your audience will not forget and try to appeal to emotions. 

6. Make ads and campaigns that trigger curiosity 

Create ads that feature unpopular opinions or even ideas against the status quo. Hyperbole is another strategy to get your viewers’ attention.

This strategy is best for out-of-Amazon campaigns because you appeal to individuals who have no initial intention to buy. Imagine a user browsing the web seeing an ad that triggers their curiosity. The user may be a long ways away from purchasing your product, but you succeeded in the first step of leading them to your listing. 

7. Put your best foot forward when your customer is led to your store 

Think of your Amazon Store as your home. It is where you invite friends, relatives, and acquaintances to get to know you better. You serve them food and show them the best parts of your house. 

The same idea goes for your store visitors—place your best foot forward by providing them with an enticing store layout and appealing photos of your products. Do not miss the chance of showing your customers around by giving them the option to click on your products one by one.

Amazon Store sample: Guardian Athletic’s Amazon Store

Photo Source

8. Compete, collaborate, and complement 

Remember the three C’s below:

Compete: Always check what your competitors are doing. Knowing this allows you to reflect on your strategies. You can check whether you are on par with your competitors and how you can be ahead of the game.

Collaborate: The best way to collaborate is through Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing Program. You can proactively reach out to celebrities, influencers, or anyone willing to promote your products. Sometimes these endorsers will initiate the collaboration. Either way, the program is an excellent opportunity to get your products and brand known outside Amazon from the mouth of trusted individuals.

Complement: Keep an eye on not only on your competitors but on products and brands your products complement. You can always initiate a partnership between you and another seller to boost your presence and eventually sales. Amazon isn’t all about competition after all. 

9. Begin and end with data 

You’ll repetitively hear this line from experts, “Numbers don’t lie.” All the decisions, strategies, and adjustments you will make should be based on available data. Measure your success and check if you are on track with your goals through data. Monitor your progress through your numbers. 

There are many available tools you can maximize to help you with tracking. Many tools provide reports on your CPC, conversion rate, keyword recommendations, and more details you’ll need in order to make informed decisions. 

10. Seek help from experts 

You can enact all these marketing campaign tasks better with the help of professionals. For instance, your A+ Content and product photography can be handled by copywriters, professional graphic artists, and photographers. Data gathering, monitoring, and reporting can all be done by an Amazon account manager. Doing the tasks on your own is doable, but having a helping hand—and especially an expert one—is always better. 

Final Thoughts

Amazon marketing campaign ideas and tips are limitless. As long as you have an imaginative and innovative mind, you will never run out. Your target audience and product benefits should always be on top of your considerations in all of these plans. You’ll never go wrong in prioritizing what the people need and want, and soon you’ll see your sales reflect this fact.

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