Planning Kitchen Renovation: Tips to Know

Embarking on a modern kitchen renovation project is an exciting yet daunting task.

To make this job less nerve-wracking, we are here to share some expert kitchen tips with you to make the entire process more accessible, more straightforward, affordable and successful.

Following are the ten valuable tips to help you create a kitchen of your dreams:

Add a temporary kitchen island

For more storage and counter space, you may add an island in the centre at an affordable cost.

But in some areas, a kitchen island may reduce the traffic flow to just one-way and create cramped quarters.

So, what you can do is install a temporary island before you commit to one.

Assemble a full-scale model of plywood or cardboard and try to work around it for a few days.

This way, you can figure out whether or not you can work freely in this kitchen style.

Find a focal point

Bright kitchen countertops, fancy flooring, splashy tiles, etc. may appear too glittery to soothe the eye.

Therefore, it’s best to select one focal point and build other areas of the kitchen around it while keeping the decor minimal.

With one focal point, kitchen renovations appear more visually-appealing and classy.

Consider wide walkways

Walkways throughout a kitchen must be a minimum of 36-inches wide.

Moreover, the paths in-between the cooking zone must be at least 42-inches wide for just one cook configuration and 48-inches wide if a kitchen has a two-cook setting.

So, plan your kitchen islands accordingly.

Accurate height for your microwave

The right location and height for a microwave depend on the chef’s height and how much child-friendliness you desire your cooking space to be.

For average adults, it’s best to keep microwave height at 15-inches above the level of their countertop.

For kid-friendly kitchens, you may consider it below the countertop.

Direct traffic strategically

In child-friendly kitchen designs, you must place the cooktop away from traffic areas.

Thus, children won’t cause accidental spillage when moving around.

Even your refrigerator must be easily accessible to anyone working in the cooking area, as well as passersby.

Order countertops after installing cabinets

It’s best to measure the already installed base cabinets for determining your countertop dimensions.

It ensures that there are no unpleasant gaps left between cabinet walls and countertops.

To avoid those ugly gaps, measure the farthest point on a wall above cabinets after their installation.

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Consider the right countertop

To select the right countertop, you need to consider your kitchen interior, traffic in your cooking space and the time you can spend on its maintenance.

The natural worktops like granite, marble, etc. look luxurious but may require more maintenance than human-made worktops, such as quartz, ceramic, etc.

However, the choice of the right countertop depends on your preference, budget and family requirements.

So, consider each factor before choosing a countertop material.

Designated spot for knives

Make sure to select a place for storing your knives. That will make it easier for you to find knives easily while keeping these dangerous items away from children’s reach.

A knife block or drawer with slots is best to place sharp blades.

Decorative backsplash rack

Backsplash racks provide easier access, as well as a smart storage solution.

You may choose stainless steel rails or add-on shelves onto the backsplash to store kitchen essentials and decor items while arranging the things evenly.

Glass cabinetry

Instead of installing the massive blocks of drawers and doors, you may choose glass doors and display shelves to store crockery, cutlery and other kitchen essentials.

Final Considerations

Make sure to consult a professional interior designer or contractor to discuss all your expectations and needs for kitchen renovations.

It ensures that your space is well-organised in a way to assure ease of movement and convenience to you and your family members.

Thus, stick to a set plan and don’t get too excited about installing things that you may not require later.