8 Tips To Land Your First Job As A New Yoga Teacher

Congratulations! You have accomplished the yoga teacher training program. The next step now is finding employment with a reputed yoga school or institute. Remember, that finding a job as a newly graduate yoga teacher is no walk in the park. Landing your first gig as a yoga teacher takes a lot of consistency and efforts. However, finding yoga teacher training jobs in India can be a less cumbersome task with the right guidance.

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Remember, it took you some time and patience to complete the yoga teacher training program. You have the patience and capability to teach this sacred art to others. All you need to do is follow the right strategy and finding a job as a certified yoga trainer will be easy. Yoga experts have come up with some easy-to-follow tips to help you on this journey.

8 Tips To Find Job As A Yoga Teacher

To help you land your first job as a certified yoga trainer, given below are eight tips.

Continue Your Practice

Becoming a highly skilled yoga teacher made it clear you love yoga. However, if you let go of the personal yoga practice, your career as a yoga teacher would not last much longer. Yoga experts recommend you develop a home practice of yoga which will keep you in top form when it is time to teach others.

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Do Not Be Choosy

Want to land the dream job of a personal yoga trainer? Stop being choosy when it comes to teaching yoga. Remember, everyone who became the best in their field did start somewhere. You should send emails to local gyms and recreation centers. Although you might not find the best pay, still it would help you develop the confidence to teach a large group of students.


An effective way to show your potential employer that you are serious about working as a yoga teacher is to assist. You might not get a high pay, however, it is an opportunity for you to understand how a yoga school or studio operates. Moreover, it shows the employer you are interested in working on a long term.

Be Patient

Remember, a success in the long run means you have to be persistent and patient. If someone comes to your class once and does not returns, do not take this personally. There are different types of students, some would like coming to the class, while someone would hate it from the beginning.

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In other words, even out of 10 if 1 pays attention to your class, that student is worth gold. It is what you were taught in the yoga teacher training jobs in India.

Be Authentic

Remember, there are many yoga teachers who fake it day in and out to keep their students happy. However, in the long run, this masks falls off. To keep people coming back to you for learning yoga, you have to speak with authenticity and remain true to who you are. There might be less students in the beginning, but with authenticity more will come.

Start Own Yoga Class

The best thing you can do as a newly graduate yoga teacher is create opportunities for yourself. You can start own yoga class at your place and ask loved ones to spread the word. Moreover, you never know when someone might be looking for a personal yoga trainer.

Check Online

You might not know but many yoga studios and schools post new job requirements on their social media page. These are mostly well-paid yoga teaching jobs that can help you land the first gig as a certified yoga teacher.

Free Yoga Classes

The best way for you to gain the upper hand when it comes to teaching yoga is give out free yoga sessions. Moreover, you can also add on a social cause like a charity to give out free yoga classes to students and elderly.


Are you finding it hard to land your first job as a certified yoga teacher? Follow these tips to find employment with a reputed yoga school or studio after completing the yoga teacher training in India with ease.