How To Spot A Fake Charles and Keith Bag – An Ultimate Guide

Picture this. You desired to purchase a Charles and Keith pink classic top handle bag with a shiny golden lock and matte finish. You finally save up your hard earned money, clicked on the ‘Add to Cart’ option, and pay a decent entirety for it. Though it’s perhaps your whole month’s pocket money, and it pinches a little bit, but you are on the top of the cloud as you have finally added a branded bag to your collection. 

Now, what if you find the online portal from where you purchased your shiny purse is a completely fake site? We get you. Handbags for women are exactly what shoes are for men. We ladies tend to have incorrigible love for handbags. Sadly enough, there are numerous online portals and increasing online sellers who sell the impersonation or the modest duplicate of the branded handbags

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However, considering the number of sellers selling online, it becomes challenging to choose the authentic one from the pool of sellers. So, how to make a choice without regretting it later? Before you set off to purchase a Charles and Keith handbag or any other designer bag online, take the time to consider the following tips to minimize the risks and anxieties you face when it comes to purchasing them. 

Let’s get to it, ladies! 

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Charles and Keith: A Brief Overview Of The Brand 

Homegrown on the shores of Singapore, Charles and Keith was founded in 1996 by Charles Wong and Keith Wong. Based in Singapore, the brand has a global footprint across Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Africa. 

It is a fast-fashion retailer that has accomplished much international success. Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH), the luxury brand conglomerate acquired 20% of the brand in the year 2011. It was a signal of LVMH’s commitment to expanding the brand to an even wider global audience. 

In the year 2004, Charles and Keith became the first store in Singapore to set up an e-commerce website to expand its business, helping the company to offer its products where it did not have a brick and mortar store. Charles and Keith announced the closure of all its stores in Japan and redirected efforts to developing its e-commerce site in 2016. 

Charles and Keith's website homepage screenshot

Tips To Identify Original Charles and Keith Bags Efficiently

Perform Background Check Of The Seller

Whenever you shop for branded handbags like much-adored Charles and Keith handbags, it is crucial to check for the seller from whom you are making a purchase. Make sure that the seller from whom you buy your handbag is a genuine seller of the brand. 

Now, how to determine whether the seller is authentic or not? Highly reputed brands like Charles and Keith always undertake essential steps to keep their sellers aware. They ensure to list down the names and the portals of the vendors dealing with their products. It is an impeccable way for the buyers to determine whether the seller is authentic or fake. Thus, at whatever point you shop from, it is essential to affirm whether the vendor is associated with the official brand or not. 

Please Check The Packaging

Secondly, it is crucial to determine the difference between original and fake packaging. The Charles and Keith products usually come in a black box with ‘Charles and Keith’ labeled prominently on it. The product comes perfectly and spectacularly packed in it. 

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On the other hand, the fake packages usually come adorned in clear plastic boxes and crumbled packaging with a fake label right on top of it. The fake packaging of Charles and Keith looks a lot shabbier. 

Price Evaluation

Most purchasers consider price to be a benchmark for making an informed purchase. If the price is the lowest, they tend to make the purchase. But, what one must note is that the designers of the Charles and Keith bags, as well as other branded stores, always tend to keep a little margin on their products. 

Thus, if their latest ‘Reversible Studded Trapeze Shoulder Bag’ is priced at 50% off than the retail price, you can be completely assured that it is merely an impersonation of the brand and not a genuine product. Remember not to fall for it! 

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Compare Label With Genuine One

According to the top java assignment help and website developers, the fake websites tend to go by with an odd-looking brand name, whereas the genuine brand goes by the name ‘CHARLES & KEITH’. Thus, whenever you will shop from any website, ensure to check the label on that particular product and match it with the genuine one. 

A girl wearing red colour Charles & Keith' handbag

Assess The Return Policy Of The Store Or Seller

Remember, it is vital to assess the return policy of the store or the seller you are purchasing products from. You must also make sure that they have a flexible return policy for you. Often, online retail stores tend to offer their customers the flexibility of easy and sometimes even free returns within a period of 10 to 15 days. 

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Check The Quality Of The Product

Each woman has adequate knowledge about bags. Whenever you try to purchase a designer bag from the store, it is also essential to check the quality of the bag. Check its zipper, strap, leather, quality, and the color of the bag to identify whether it’s genuine or not.  Most importantly, Charles and Keith’s bags are made of supreme quality materials that make them durable for an extremely long time. 

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Stitching Quality Matters

Stitching is always an indication of mediocre quality and fake bags. Charles and Keith bags will consistently have quality stitching since it’s a piece of impeccable design and it has a stellar reputation to maintain. Check the stitching inside the bag, as well as there are some fake sellers who always try to hide their sloppy work in the coverings of the bag. 

Compare Brand Logo With Product

It is vital to visit their authentic website to ensure you have an original product of Charles and Keith. Make sure to compare the logo of the brand with your product. Evaluate the authenticity labels inside the bag as fake bags will always have a different size and font than the original one. 

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Check The Quality Of Leather

It is crucial to check the quality of the leather used in the bag. Mostly, the fake ones use cheap and below-average quality leather in their bags. While Charles and Keith’s’s bags mostly make use of Faux leather, Nappa Sheep leather, and other original leather in their bags which makes them look different and feel different. However, the fake leather is a lot more rough and sticky in comparison to the original one. 

Don’t Forget To Check Serial Numbers 

Charles and Keith Bag usually come with a serial number that includes 8 digits. The fake ones usually incorporate less or more than the original count. It is always wise to keep this in mind while purchasing a designer Charles and Keith product. 

Final Words

Whenever you are aiming to purchase a genuine Charles and Keith bag, make sure to keep the aforementioned things in mind. Always remember to buy your products only from a genuine and reliable source. 

Furthermore, try to look at some of the knock-off bags to know what they are like. If you have an in-depth understanding of what the fake designer bags of Charles and Keith looks like, it will become excessively easier for you to spot them while purchasing the real ones. What are you waiting for? Get to shopping, ladies!


How can you tell fake Keith and Charles?

Fake CHARLES & KEITH websites will feature domain names that are either similar to the genuine domain name (for example, with the words “CHARLESKEITH” or slightly varied (for example, omission of certain letters or switching the positions of the letters. The words “bag”, “vip”, “sale”, “shop” and “outlet” are all word-strings commonly used by fake ecommerce websites. Don’t get fooled. Be a Smart Buyer.

What are Charles and Keith bags made of?

The materials used to make their products are genuine leather, synthetic fabrics/materials, and metallic accessories.

How many stores does Charles and Keith have?

The Group operates more than 600 stores worldwide; the company is headquartered in Singapore and has more than 5000 employees.

Is Charles and Keith made of real leather?

The materials used to make Charles & Keith products are carefully selected and of great quality. Many of Charles & Keith bags are made of faux leather and feature metal detailing and embellishments.

Is Charles and Keith made in China?

The Charles and Keith brand has a broad product line of shoes, bags, jewelry, and accessories. All products are crafted from polyurethane/faux leather, which means no animals were harmed in the making of these items. And now, you can shop there knowing that no animals were harmed in making your things. It is one of those brands which are vegan-friendly because their products are made without using animal products. Their designs are very sophisticated and appealing.