Embed Instagram Feed On Squarespace Website – Try Amazing Tools

According to eMarketer, Instagram is going to cross over the 1.5 billion active users every month which is why every website owner pays so much heed to integrate Instagram content for their website content strategy. 

If you are a Squarespace website owner, there is a tough rule that you cannot embed this amazing Instagram feed on your website. Just like wordpress, there are some amazing tools in the market that you can use to embed Instagram feeds on Squarespace website. 

So if you are up to embed these Instagram feeds and leverage some amazing features from them, now it’s your way ahead to learn about these amazing tools available on the internet that make it easy to insert Instagram feeds on your website. 

What Are The Instagram Feed Tools?

The tool you used to display Instagram feeds on your Squarespace website is widely popular as Instagram Widget. You can use Instagram Widget to collect your desired Instagram posts or feeds in a collective manner and customize them using various features available on your website. Using the Instagram widget tool you can collect Instagram posts using hashtags, handle, mention tags, stories, reels, etc. to make a collective feed on your website. 

Moreover, the Instagram widget provides a wide range of features and functionalities that you can use to creatively design your Instagram feeds and embed them into your website. 

Why Embed Instagram Feeds On Your Squarespace Website?

Convincing yourself to use a new tool or content strategy to put on your business-making website is quite difficult. Your mind keeps doubting the results of implementing new strategies and is scared if things will go wrong. But it will not happen if you know the advantages beforehand you implement any strategy and are sure about the definite results it will help you to retrieve. 

This is why we are telling you the advantages of embedding Instagram feeds on your website in order to remove any doubt of the ability of Instagram feeds on your Squarespace website. 

Hence, Instagram feeds on your Squarespace website improves:

  • Engagement of the visitors coming forth on your website and grabs their attention with vibrant Instagram posts from the real people they might see on Instagram. 
  • Website content quality that will add more information, value, and realistic experiences of people with your business, products, and services. 
  • The appearance of the website with interactive and dynamic display of content on the website. 
  • The conversion rate of your website by triggering visitors to take actions with real-life views of products and customers’ experiences.

There are many more advantages of integrating Instagram feeds on your website that you can retrieve with embedding Instagram feeds on your website. Some benefits like improve website SEO ranking, develop the authority of a website and enhance website reputation among your audiences. If you are a Squarespace website owner and want to increase the performance of your website among your audiences and drive some amazing results, believe me, Instagram feeds will do it for you. 

Check out the powerful Instagram feed tools available on the internet that you can use to integrate Instagram feeds on your Squarespace website. 

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3 Best Instagram Feed Tools For Your Squarespace Website

There are so many Instagram tools on the internet that will make it easy for you to embed Instagram feeds live on your website. But talking about all of them can be overwhelming. So here are the only best three Instagram feed tools that you can choose from the internet and apply for your Squarespace website. 


Tagembed is a popular and high-performing Instagram tool that many brands and websites are relying on to enhance their content strategy with the powerful Instagram and other social media posts. Tagembed offers you an intelligible panel from where you can collect and curate relevant Instagram posts for your website and provide a code-free solution to embed those beautifully curated Instagram posts on the different website platforms. Hence, with Tagmend Instagram feed functionality, you can collect Instagram posts and easily embed them on your website in less than a minute. 

Instagram Widget

Another amazing Instagram feed tool you can find over the internet is Instagram Widget. It will provide you with multiple features and functionalities to embed Instagram posts on your Squarespace website in a creative way. It is a priceless and efficient tool that makes it easy for you to collect and embed Instagram feeds on your Squarespace website in an effective and budget-friendly way. 

Instagram App

If you don’t want to make a hassle of using a dedicated tool and just require to add one or two posts on your website, then it is better for you to use the official Instagram app where you can collect embed code of the particular posts and insert them into your website. With this, you don’t need to spend a single penny and enhance your Squarespace website with fascinating Instagram posts as well. The only drawback is that you cannot perform any customization and creativity to display Instagram posts on your website.


So that’s it! You know everything about embedding Instagram feeds on your Squarespace website from benefits to tools. Without delaying furthermore, start to embed these amazing Instagram feeds on your Squarespace website.