Top 9 Types of Bathroom Vanities

A bathroom cabinet is an integral part of your home. It may not be very elegant, not very expensive, or out of this world, but it has to meet your needs while being easily adapted. However, most households would also focus on wholesale bathroom vanities aesthetics and this is what gives way to different types of vanities and sinks. A bathroom remodels contractor can help you decide which type of vanity you should choose.

Having a good vanity in the bathroom gives your bedroom accessories and other personal items. Also, this serves as a good spot to protect your sink. Many vanities are created with aesthetics in mind to not only provide functionality but also enhance the look of the entire room. Let’s take a look at the types of vanities you can have.

Here is a complete guide to the different types of bathroom vanities and sinks.

1.         Column sink

2.         Independent vanities

3.         Wall-mounted sink

4.         Washbasin and washbasin cabinet

5.         Undercounter sink

6.         Handles and hinges

7.         Double sink cabinets

8.         Traditional style vanity

9.         Materials

1. Column sink:

A pedestal sink is also known as a pedestal sink. It takes up very little space, is extremely functional, and looks uncluttered, elegant, and stylish at the same time. There are many models of pedestal sinks and they can fit almost any bathroom, regardless of shape and size. Plus, if you have a certain theme for your bathroom, a pedestal or pedestal sink would fit in perfectly.

2. Independent vanities:

Freestanding vanities are a pedestal vanity and sink combination. While a traditional pedestal sink wouldn’t have room for your essentials, a pedestal bathroom cabinet would have generous space to store all the items you need. Plus, freestanding vanities have the same aesthetic and space advantage as a pedestal sink. It just has more benefits, more usefulness. Freestanding vanities are all the rage today and it’s not hard to imagine why.

3. Wall-mounted sink:

A wall-mounted sink looks great and can also save a lot of space. But it would have a shorter lifespan and could be vulnerable to slightly forced thrusts or impacts.

4. Washbasin and washbasin cabinet:

The sink and basin are very elegant alternatives to the traditional vanity and sink. However, they are expensive and take up a lot of space. Also, this type of vanity is not suitable for bathrooms of all shapes and sizes.

5. Undercounter sink:

The built-in washbasin is both elegant and contemporary. They look chic and are a rather charming addition to your bathroom. But the space a built-in sink would take up isn’t available to most homeowners. Additionally, a built-in sink requires a rigid countertop, such as granite or marble, so it’s more expensive to install, but in our opinion, it’s worth it for your Colorado Springs bathroom remodel.

6. Handles and hinges:

Choosing a bathroom cabinet also means choosing hinges and handles. Soft-close hinges are very popular right now – these hinges work in such a way that they cushion the hinge towards the end, making sure they don’t close. These hinges add another layer of luxury to your bathroom, but (at least for now) they are priced to match that too.

7. Double sink cabinets:

If you have a lot of traffic in the bathroom, you might want to consider a double sink. A two-sink variety has the advantage of allowing two people to get ready at a time without battling for space. It can save precious morning minutes and make your bathroom a lot more comfortable, but it takes a lot more space and costs more.

8. Traditional style vanity:

Cabinets are the most common style and can be found in most bathrooms across Australia. The vanities can be mounted anywhere along a wall or in a corner, or they can even be semi-recessed for those in need of extra space. In some cases, vanities can also be freestanding units that have been converted from other furniture (such as dressing tables).

9. Materials:

The most common material used in vanities is wood in one form or another, whether it is exposed wood for furniture or laminated particleboard. The countertop is usually the main card. Stone has always been a popular choice for countertops because it is relatively easy to maintain and looks attractive. The types of stone used for countertops include granite, marble, and Caesar stone.

Other bench options include glass, which can be used to showcase the textured materials underneath (such as beautiful glossy wood) while protecting them from moisture.

Porcelain is easy to clean, but is usually only available in white and is therefore not suitable for many bathrooms. Acrylic or laminate coatings on a chipboard base are normally the cheapest options and are more than tough enough to do a good job. These too come in a very wide range of textures and colors.


There are endless choices for sinks and bathroom vanities. You can spend $ 50 on an inexpensive wall-mounted sink or over $ 5,000 on a quality bathroom cabinet. Some sinks are independent; others need to be installed inside or on a countertop and some sinks are mounted in a cabinet. There is no better style and many options exist due to the wide variety of situations presented by bathroom designs.