Top War Battle Game Cheats: How to Create the Best Base And Win Battles

Don’t miss our top war battle game tricks and learn with our guide the best tips and strategies to create the best base and win battles. Top war battle game is a very interesting strategy game and something different from other games of this type, with great complexity, so if you are stuck or have any questions, you cannot miss our top war tricks to progress quickly in the game.

Top War Guide For Beginners

Top war changes some of the typical concepts of mobile strategy games. In Top war the part of the base construction game changes, and it is that instead of having to buy a building, and then wait the required time before the building is ready, you will have to merge structures to build them. The fusion mechanic is the most important in the game as it is also very time consuming, especially when you start with a very low level building or base unit and you can upgrade it at various levels.

Although there are mechanisms to prevent players from becoming invincible such as level caps, poe unique flasks and unique belts as well as minimum timers for training units, this fusion mechanism is extremely important in the game and you must do it constantly. Whenever you have time, build a set of structures or units that you can merge and get started.

If you are just starting out in the game, it is very important to join an alliance as soon as you can. Alliances are always an important part of real-time strategy games, and Top War is no exception. Make sure you join an active alliance that participates in all events and constantly improves its buildings, but also that its members are mostly in your time zone.

What Units Should You Use In Top War

 When it comes to your troops in Top War, the more you have and the higher their level, the better armies you can build. Remember that even to send two armies at once; you need a lot of units, so never settle for just a few units.

Every time you get a new higher level unit, you are offered the opportunity to watch a video to get one more for free, take advantage of this offer as it gives you a great upgrade instantly.

At first you will see that a certain type of unit is not stronger or weaker against another type, only its general power matters in the field. However once you reach level 22, you will start to specialize your different types of units and the earth will become stronger against air, air against water and water against earth.

Which heroes Should You Choose In Top War

In Top War there are about thirty heroes available at the moment and while it is not easy to unlock them if you do not spend real life money, you will end up having at least a lot of them if you are active in the game.

There are a few important things to consider when deciding how to use the heroes you have and how to pair them with your troops. First of all, its attributes (War, Defense and Command) will influence the offensive and defensive efficiency that your troops will obtain, as well as the actual number of forces you can send into battle.

On the other hand, the heroes have their own abilities that are unlocked as you level up the heroes. These are extremely important when it comes to a hero’s specialty based on how you want to use them.

You can improve your heroes by leveling them up using experience books and by wearing protected poe unique gloves. Focus only on the best heroes you have as you won’t have enough books to keep them maxed out.

Finally, the rarity of a hero is also important, given that while the rarity ones have the best default bonuses (orange or SSR heroes), it is actually SR and R that are easier to level up because you get shards for them more often than heroes of higher rarities.

These are all our top war battle game cheats and learn with the best tips and strategies to create the best base and win battles. If you have any questions, don’t forget to ask them in the comments, and remember that you liked the guide and the strategies, you can share them with your friends on your social networks on Twitter or Facebook.