Toyota Corolla Bumper Replacement Cost

There are some motors that have been on roads for over 20 years or so. They have a legacy to show off. However then there are motors like Toyota Corolla that have been riding the sector in magnificence considering 1966. Yes, that means the automobile has been on roads for the past 54 years. Now that’s a saga to recite. Permit’s take a look at the journey this government sedan has covered and nonetheless appears to keep up with the tempo.

1st model

Agencies like Datsun and Subaru have been correctly running their 1.0-litre engines powered automobiles in Japan. Toyota had to do something. And the answer was Corolla. It was powered by a 1.1-litre engine which despite the fact that it attracted higher avenue tax however gave the sedan a top finish over the competitors. The engine became mated to a 4-speed completely synchronized manual transmission.

2020 model

Talking approximately the worldwide 2020 facelift, the automobile comes equipped with 7 airbags (the front, curtain, aspect head, side body and knee airbags), digital stability control (ESC), Anti-lock Braking gadget (ABS), seat belt pre-tensioners in front and ISOFIX anchorages (for child seat) as fashionable capabilities. The 2020 Toyota Corolla has been subjected to 3 one-of-a-kind tests- a front offset crash check at 64kph, a side-impact crash and a facet-pole impact crash. The NCAP file said that the twelfth Gen Corolla’s body shell changed into “strong” throughout the crash, take a look at and “able to withstand further loadings’ ‘.

The  Corolla is obtainable with two powertrain options- a 177hp, 2.Zero-Ltr petrol and 1.8-Ltr petrol.  Electric powered cars will help the engines because of which it will truly have a higher gas economy and less emissions.

Toyota Corolla Bumper Replacement . 

Here are a few matters to maintain in thoughts to help you determine whether to repair or replace a rear bumper:

Volume of harm

The primary is the quantity of the harm.  In a primary collision, there will probably be more than just the duvet to fear approximately, which means the Styrofoam and brackets as well.  Even supposing the consequences are minimal, you must nonetheless have your bumper inspected with the aid of a professional to make certain its capacity to keep you safe hasn’t been compromised. If so, you would be smart to update the whole shape in preference to just fixing beauty troubles.

Foreign/luxury motors

Elements for overseas motors are normally more pricey.  Possibly no longer for everyday fashions, like a Toyota Camry or a Nissan Altima, however actually for something less commonplace like a Toyota Supra or Nissan 350Z. This is frequently due to the delivery prices from getting them from distant places.

The same goes for luxury automobiles, especially foreign luxury cars.  Some other motive a luxurious component may cost a little more is they commonly convey extra electronics tied into their bumpers. Managing such things as sensors and cameras makes the restore or alternative take longer, and at $50 to $a hundred, matters upload up quickly.

Paint kind

While the type of end may additionally affect the value by way of a touch, the reason we mention it is that some are extra hard to get in shape.  Positive styles of paint, such as pearl-coats or metallics, are likely to bring about a sizable difference in coloration. In case you plan to repair a bumper with both of those paint kinds. The shop will probably combine it across other body panels (relying at the vicinity of the harm).

Because of this, you may remember replacing the bumper instead of repairing it. Be sure to test whether or not the producer of your model gives a paint-to-fit alternative, with the intention to not handiest lessen expenses however appear higher as well.

Now that you have a better idea of how to restore or update a rear bumper.  Permit’s have a look at the prices associated with maintenance.

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How awful is the Rear Bumper upkeep fee?

So long as the potential of the bumper to protect you from damage hasn’t been compromised, repairing it is probably the exceptional way to head.  Here’s what you might count on in terms of prices:


While having a bumper repaired, elements fees are stored to a minimum. It broadly speaking comes all the way down to the paint. Whites are commonly the least highly-priced, and reds value the most.  As we cited earlier, pearlescent or steel colours also bring a top class.  A quart normally costs between $25 to $one hundred fifty.


As stated in advance, body stores regularly charge between $50 to $one hundred per hour, every now and then extra.  Except it’s very minor damage, the store will probably need to eliminate the bumper first (in addition to any cameras, sensors, or trim portions). Repair options consist of filling and glazing, heat maintenance, and paint-much less dent maintenance (PDR).

Filling and glazing require the affected region to get sanded down after which it is stuffed-in with a putty.  Then, it wishes to be painted and blended. Warmth repair involves the usage of an oxyacetylene torch to heat the affected area to manually push/pull out the dent.  This technique does not constantly require portraying. The identical is going for PDR, which is mostly a much less high-priced solution for small to huge-sized dents (now not scratches or cracks).

Depending on which technique is used, and whether any paint is needed. The common amount of time for a rear bumper restore is 3-days.  This consists of getting rid of the bumper, appearing the repair, time for drying, and setting up.  Because you aren’t charged whilst the paint is drying, there’s possibly between four to 6 hours of actual hard work for minor repairs.

How much does rear bumper upkeep cost? Assume to spend between $225 to $750 for minor damage.  This will increase quickly for more than one scuffs/dents.