Treat Yourself to Domino’s & Get Rs. 400 Off On Your Post-Vaccination Meal!

While the pandemic has caused all of India to be confined to their homes, brands are innovating to improve customer experiences. In these challenging times, now more than ever, brands need to ensure a cordial customer relationship. Domino’s has made a mark among the many brands innovating in the evolving market by its unique campaign. 

Domino’s has come up with a campaign called #haathbadhao #vaccinelagao India. Through this campaign, Domino’s offers a net discount of Rs. 400, which can be redeemed over four orders, with a maximum discount of Rs. 100 on each order. These Domino’s pizza coupon codes can be availed using the online application of Domino’s or from the Gorilla Coupons website, which also offers other lucrative discount deals. This is provided online since Domino’s experiences the majority of its orders coming in through online purchases.

If you are craving a pizza, you can surely order one from Domino’s using the discount coupons to get lucrative deals. Just make sure you get vaccinated first! 

Why Domino’s?

Entering India in 1997, Domino’s was among the first movers to bring traditional pizza to the Indian market. Since then, the brand has grown to have over 1300 stores in 293 cities, making India the second-largest market after the United States. With a signature taste and exceptional quality, the brand has ensured its recall high among consumers. Furthermore, to cater to the consumers’ preferences in the Indian market, the brand has also diversified its portfolio by adding new items. 

What started as just a pizza chain is no more restricted to just pizza. Domino’s now offers a plethora of menu options for the customers to choose from. Although Domino’s brand is synonymous with pizza in India, the brand is often preferred for other food items. Additional entrees range from pasta to even cakes. To satisfy the average Indian’s taste buds, the pizza chain also offers extra spice sachets! 

While the brand is synonymous with pizza, Domino’s is also known for its consistency and goodwill. In addition, the brand has high recall because of its promise of delivering a pizza within thirty minutes of ordering. This is an age-old tradition that has not been forgotten by the brand and is upheld with high regard even to this day. This has resulted in creating an excellent reputation for the brand.

What are the best pizzas to have from Domino’s?

While Domino’s offers a plethora of Pizzas, these are a few you can try.

  • Farmhouse Pizza with Cheese Burst: With delectable toppings, this pizza is one of the favourites of the consumers.
  • Chicken Dominator: Among the most favoured non-veg pizzas by the chain, this comes loaded with onion, red paprika, hot n spicy chicken, and tomatoes.
  • Peppy Paneer Cheese Burst Topped with Extra Cheese: A classic veg pizza for pizza lovers.
  • Pepper Barbecue Chicken: One of a kind pizza for the consumers; this adds the pepper flavour with a classic twist.
  • Pacific Coast Veggie Pizza: Topped with baby spinach, mushroom, onions and many other vegetables, this pizza is a true treat for veggie lovers.

How to get Domino’s Pizza coupon codes?

To get the coupon that allows getting additional discounts on your food items, you need to log on to the Gorilla Coupon website. Once you log on to the website, you need to search for the Domino’s Pizza Coupon Codes. After you search, you shall see several results with many deals for you. You can choose the one that gives you the best deal. Once you click on the coupon, it shall reveal the code for you and redirect you to Domino’s official website.

How to use the discount coupons from Gorilla Coupons?

Once you are logged into the Gorilla Coupons website, you shall see some deals for you. After you select the best value available for you, you have to click on the coupon. Once you click on the coupon, you will be redirected to Domino’s website. Next, select the food items you want and confirm your order. However, before you checkout, you need to input the coupon code you received from Gorilla Coupons and complete the payment online. That’s it, your pizza is on the way! 

So, don’t wait. Get yourself your favorite pizza right away!