Understand These Guidelines for 9 GEMS Scholarships

Throughout the long term, instruction has developed massively from being limited to course reading pages and uneven exercises, to arising as an intelligent, inventive and understudy focused interaction. Today, regarded international schools overall are actualizing dynamic showing techniques and urging them to apply their hypothetical information essentially.

Understudies are effectively investigating their surroundings, learning and forgetting approaches, and easily accomplishing their objectives. Furthermore, instructive organizations assume a vital part in encouraging this cycle.

international Indian International School’s select 9GEMS system permits understudies to dominate in various regions, arising into balanced international residents. Therefore, the GIIS 9GEMS Scholarship offers worthwhile instructive freedoms to understudies who are extraordinarily skilled in at least one of these nine regions:

Scholarly Excellence:

GIIS is committed to guaranteeing quality schooling that allots equivalent significance to each understudy’s learning inclinations and prerequisites. With the best-in-class framework, capable showing workforce, and SMART grounds offices, the school taps its understudies’ most elevated potential and furnishes meriting ones with a stage to achieve new apexes of progress.

Sports Excellence:

The school conducts different between and intra-school competitions, which show understudies the significance of cooperation, sound rivalry, and devotion. GIIS involves an exceptional framework that catches ongoing on-field information to give player data. Such broad reports help players upgrade their exhibition and distinguish their torment regions.


Art is an amazing method for articulation and remedial interaction. GIIS, a main international school in Kuala Lumpur, gives abundant space and freedom to creatively slanted understudies to understand their latent capacity. From workmanship studios to amphitheaters, the GIIS grounds have assigned spaces for understudies to autonomously investigate the craftsmen in themselves!

Innovativeness and Innovation:

GIIS involves a Comprehensive Creativity Development Program (CCDP), which assists understudies with creating imaginative critical thinking approaches through hypothetical and trial methodologies. Understudies can figure out how to use their imaginative twist of the brain to tackle issues in their everyday lives.

Character Development:

The school centers around in general character advancement by giving unique roads like ceramics labs, culinary labs, music rooms, and so forth, for its understudies. It taps different features of an understudy’s character, including public talking abilities, relational abilities, certainty building, and so on

General Values and Ethics:

Vasudeva kutumbakam is an all-around recognized worth, which freely makes an interpretation of from Sanskrit to “widespread organization”. Through its honorable activities like the international Indian Mahatma Gandhi Center for Universal Values, GIIS imparts in understudies some vital qualities and morals – including world harmony, honesty, and humankind – controlled by famous world pioneers like Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela.

Business and Leadership:

The school offers different ventures, directing meetings and workshops to assist understudies with developing their initiative abilities. It routinely puts together different gathering conversations and talks to inspire understudies and instill administration characteristics in them.

Local area Care:

GIIS significantly accentuates on embellishment its understudies into delicate, mindful and dependable residents of the world. Its people group mindfulness programs look to build their inclusion in the climate around them and the local area in which they dwell.

Abilities Development:

Lastly, abilities advancement empowers understudies to comprehend the plenty of professional alternatives they have, and how they can settle on the privileged professional decisions that find some kind of harmony between monetary security and individual improvement.

The GIIS 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship and Its Categories

The GIIS 9GEMS Scholarship is a thorough program offered to understudies extraordinarily capable in at least one of the above 9GEMS classes. In view of their qualification, understudies may profit of waivers on their educational expenses. To check their kids’ qualification for the grant, guardians ought to consider the three expansive standards into which it is bifurcated:

Class A: Category An incorporates understudies who have been perceived in a international occasion in any of the 9GEMS classifications. Understudies falling into this class get a 60% waiver on their educational expenses.

Classification B: Category B involves acknowledgment at a public occasion in any of the 9GEMS zones. The school offers understudies under this classification a 40% off on their educational expenses.

Classification C: Eligibility into this class requires acknowledgment at a state occasion in any of the over nine territories. Understudies under classification C may appreciate a 20% rebate on their educational expenses.

The Scholarship Disbursal Criteria

While checking kids’ qualification in this grant, guardians should likewise take cognisance of the accompanying essentials:

Candidates of the 9GEMS Scholarship in GIIS Kuala Lumpur ought to be Malaysian inhabitants. PR, ward and understudy passholders are additionally qualified for the grant.

Guardians should likewise give their kids’ scholastic records of the previous one year. Applications without these fundamental documentations supporting the understudy’s qualification are not thought of.


Breaking the conventional instructing strategies that attention exclusively on scholastics, GIIS has consistently underlined understudies’ general development and improvement at the physical, mental, passionate, and social levels. Also, with regards to this methodology, the 9GEMS grant grants exemplary understudies who display enormous potential in at least one of the crucial measures that are referenced previously.