How to Unplug from Social Media?

As we all know, these days many of us have created spending time on social media as a crucial part of our lives.

Due to this many of us waste our precious time just using social media.

The Psychologist gold coast stated that most of the patients having mental issues like anxiety and depression are social media addicts. 

This might sound strange but, while using social media most of the people who are sensitive, generally get affected by the responses they get from social media.

Such people lower their self-esteem if people don’t like their posts and feel unnoticed.

At the end of the day, results in causing mental issues.

This is the reason the psychologist gold coast suggested a few steps for social media addicts to unplug themselves from social media.

1. Try to avoid using your phone just after you wake up

Many social media addicts waste their 30-45 minutes just scrolling on social media after they wake up.

The psychologist gold coast stated that the mood of the rest of the day depends upon the first thing that you do in the morning.

Hence, always try to avoid using your phone after you wake up because there are more chances that you can make your mood worse by using social media early in the morning.

2. Try to avoid using a mobile phone before sleeping

It is very important for you to feel fresh in the morning that you should sleep well at night.

But many social media addicted people have a habit of scrolling on social media before sleeping.

This can excite your feelings due to which you may find it difficult to sleep at night.

Hence, it is very important for you to avoid using a mobile phone before sleeping to experience good sleep.

3. Keep yourself busy

Whenever you notice that social media is affecting your feelings adversely and you cannot delete the social media due to some reason.

Then just try to get involved in things that may keep you busy and engaged so that you can eventually avoid using social media.

Generally, try to get involved in the work that you love to do and you can prefer doing that work instead of scrolling on social media.

This can limit your use of social media and can also restrict you from being depressed and affect your feelings due to responses to social media.

4. Make a daily routine

This is the best method suggested by the psychologist gold coast to unplug from social media for the social media addict.

If you spend a minimum of 4 hours per day on social media, then just create a timetable for yourself that you will use social media for 2 hours a day on a specific period that before having lunch or after having dinner.

Infographic: Where Do People Spend the Most Time on Social Media? | Statista

This chart shows the average time spent connected to social networks during a typical day in 2020 (hh:mm). (Source: Statista)

When you get used to the new timetable that you make then you can reduce the time of using social media.

Continue this process and at some point, you can definitely limit your use of social media if you are an addict.

5. Turn off the notifications

The most addictive thing on social media that keeps you addicted to it is the notification of various social media websites.

For example, you may also have noticed this thing that even if you close a social media platform after using it for hours, if you get an exciting notification regarding the social media platform you again tend to open the website or social media application.

This makes you highly addicted to social media.

Hence, always turn off the notifications of the social media platforms.

This can limit your social media use.

6. Use it wisely

Most of the people who enter into the world of social media due to some of the work purpose and later they get so addicted towards it that they keep on wasting hours on it.

Hence, remember why you started and what is the most important purpose for you to use social media?

By getting aware of the purpose of using social media you can save your precious time by realizing that social media is just a waste of time if overused.


If you are a social media addict and if you realize that you are suffering from several mental issues then you should definitely follow the above steps and try to unplug yourself from the addiction of social media.